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"Examine the role of the medical society in the medical profession."

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"Examine the role of the medical society in the medical profession." People have different views of doctors some good, some bad. However people have general ideas of how they want doctors to be or believe doctors are. Doctors are seen as important people, they are believed to have high status and everyone believes they have a respectful position in society. Doctors are made to sign what is called "hypocratic oath" to do no harm, by doing this society is reassured that these people who take a patients life in their hands have an 'oath' to live by. It makes the patient reassured because they know that if anything was to go wrong they know they would have someone on their side; however, in some cases it would actually depend on the situation. Even though, this oath is supposed to make the patient feel satisfied some Sociologist may question that in theory that is what is supposed to happen but in practice does it actually happen? ...read more.


Marxists believe that the ruling class use their power to hold on to that power and exploit people. They argue that doctors control the population on behalf of the ruling class by hiding the true structural causes of illnesses. Doctors do this by not telling the working class the real cause of the illness such as poor housing, poor working conditions and poverty but they keep them fit enough to work. Professionals are usually in contact with one another so if a working class patient complains about some pains in so and so places in their bodies the doctor might advise them not to take time off work therefore meaning whoever their boss may be would not miss out on an employee. Marxist view may have been true at the time of the industrial revolution but it might not apply to society at the present time. Feminists believe that men use their power to hold on to power to exploit women, it is also known as patriarchy. ...read more.


Some people may argue that they don't deserve it because not all of them can be trusted, but no one is perfect. Even though the argument against the medical profession has some valid points the argument seems to be stronger for the medical profession. I believe that doctors are here on a mission to make sure that they do their job properly and that is by curing the diseases that normal people can not even pronounce. On the other hand I am not saying that there is no room for improvement there is always room for improvement. To say doctors do not find out the real cause of the problem is not right because they are paid to fix the problem! In conclusion I would like to ask where would be without the medical profession? Who would we go to when there's a problem need fixing in our bodies? These are key factors we need to think about before we criticise the medical profession. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sociology Health essay 3 ...read more.

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