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Examining the negative perceptions of the older generation towards punks in terms of their appearance.

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Examining the negative perceptions of the older generation towards punks in terms of their appearance A Report Terms of reference I am researching this title in order to prove or disprove my hypothesis. My hypothesis is that the older generation will avoid, ignore and be intimidated by punks drastically more than the younger generation. Procedure There are two stages to my research. The first is primary research. I have used one to one interviews with ten people from my older generation category- age 40 to 60 and ten people from my control (younger generation age 14-18) category. To obtain these twenty people I would like to have used random sampling, but this was not possible so I was forced to use a combination of quota, convenience and judgement sampling (see appendix 1A). ...read more.


* Females were more likely to assume that a punk would work in a music shop, or do something creative, E.g. Website designer. * Females are more likely to feel intimidated by a large group of punk's. . Secondary research findings For my secondary research I was interested at looking at the different types of perceptual errors people can make. There are 9 different types of perceptual errors according to Between Ourselves (Burton and Dimbleby 1988). A few of these are relevant to my work: * False Consensus- a tendency to assume that other people agree with our own views. * Primacy Effect- a tendency to fix first impressions and to build on these rather than be open to changing our views of others. ...read more.


Such systems are often expressions of rejection of, or resistance to the dominant culture. Members of subcultures are often those whom dominant culture awards low, subordinate and/or dependent status. Each subculture represents the reactions of a particular social group to its experience of society. Others may label some subcultures and their member's deviant in society. Conclusion From my research I have found that the older generation is not as frightened of punks as I first did think. They do not see them as aggressive, but believe they wish to be perceived that way. They can find large groups of them intimidating.. In short I found that people are not particularly affected by the dress codes of punks and therefore do not feel the need to treat them any differently than other young people. Alex Penn Communications Coursework Lynne ...read more.

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