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Explain how Roman Catholics might put their beliefs about marriage and the family into action

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Religion QB - Explain how Roman Catholics might put their beliefs about marriage and the family into action. In Question A I looked at the biblical teachings about marriage and family life and found that they were love, sacrament, exclusive, permanent and fruitful. In this question, I will look at how these teachings can be put into action in today's society. In order to make a marriage successful in the first place, it is important to prepare for it and this preparation takes place during the engagement. Couples must sit down together and seriously look at their future life's together and see what they both want from the marriage. One way for preparing for marriage is learning to communicate with your future partner. This is one of the most important things you can do while preparing for marriage and when you are married as if you can talk to each other comfortably you are able to solve all your problems together. For example, one small irritating habit that someone has like obsessive cleaning can even drive a marriage apart if the couple can not talk to each other about it and say what is annoying them or what's wrong. ...read more.


Firstly, a sacrament is supposed to be a legal bond between two people and because it is in society it is only a legal bond and not a sacrament. However, you should remember that you have been united by God and should share and show Christ's love to everyone they meet through their marriage. This will help Catholics remember how important a sacrament is. Another teaching, which causes problems in society, is love. Some people may get married just for money or so that they are entitled to visas but this is wrong as the only reason you should get married is because you love the person. Even so, people do think they love each other when they get married but then they can easily fall out of love for many reasons. To solve this, the married couple could try marriage guidance or speak to a priest as they may help you realise why you married the person in the first place. If they did not want to do that they could just try and talk to each other and work it out by themselves. ...read more.


Married couples can not always have children though, as some might not be able to have them due to medical reasons or illnesses. To work around these problems, counselling could become an option as you may find that having children will have advantages and the couples that cannot have children should still try and pray as miracles like this did happen in the Old Testament. Roman Catholics could put their beliefs about family into action by baptising their children and bringing them up in the Catholic faith. This includes taking them to mass, sending them to a Catholic school, receiving other sacraments and teaching them the values of the Christian teachings. Finally, parents and children should learn to respect each other. They should treat each other fairly and listen to each to each, try not to shout or say horrible things to them and just communicate with each other. When parents grow old though, children should try and look after them out of mutual respect. Overall, the main thing in a marriage is communication as everything in a marriage almost depends on it. If there is no communication though, the marriage is almost likely to be unsuccessful. ...read more.

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