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Explain the Christian teachings on Social Harmony.

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Explain the Christian teachings on Social Harmony Social harmony is essential in modern day life. It can be defined as people living together in harmony, accepting each others beliefs, culture, appearance and background as well as learning from each other and exchanging views. However social disharmony also appears in the world frequently, it is generally created by social unrest and the need to focus the blame on a group of society that is easily recognisible and somewhat distant. Conflicting views are also another reason for social disharmony; racism can also create an atmosphere of disharmony, believing that a certain group has exclusive rights to a certain area. A main factor in social disharmony is the obvious fact that different people feel that they are superior to another group. ...read more.


"The Lord Jesus chose men... to form the college of the twelve apostles..."(Catechism of the Catholic Church 1577) One of the main problems that social harmony faces concerning the role of men and women is the rigid view that society has adopted. It is the responsibility of the younger generation to break this false belief through their actions and achievements. Britain is a multi-ethnic and multi-faith society, many people are able to accept this. However there is a small minority that are unable to accept this obvious fact. Through their actions they commit acts of racism which is against civil law and the law of God. Thus condemning themselves to a life of misery. In is the role of any Christian or any decent human being to exchange ideas, beliefs and culture with another human being despite of their religion, culture or race. ...read more.


The cause of war is just, the war is being thought by a recognized and respected body, it is done in order to return peace to an area, it is a last resort, a reasonable chance of success exists, civilian casualties must be avoided and the means are proportional to the cause. If the above points are relevant then it is deemed acceptable for Christians to fight in that particular war. However when they have completed their aim they must return and not inflict a continuing presence. It is the responsibility of all Christians to insure that social harmony exists within the area they live and they should not take any action that may jeopardize peace. Social harmony is an essential part of modern day life it is all of us co-existing in the fashion that Jesus taught us it is an integral part of society and involves accepting everybody for how they are and not trying to alter their character or beliefs. ...read more.

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