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Explanations of social class and health

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Explanations of social class and health This view argues that inequalities in health do not exist but that they are socially constructed and as such a product of the measuring devices that sociologists use. Halso argues that fewer people are in the working class due to the technological revolution. ...read more.


This is social selection. Mormot etal (1984) found that amongst those with no detectable diseases at the start of career there were still greater death rates amongst men in the lower grades of civil service. Behavioural/Cultural explanation of social class and health inequalities blames the person because of life style, e.g. ...read more.


The cultural model explains twenty-five per cent of health inequalities. Sociological view the social democratic view. Being poor will probably end up with poor health, sub-standard housing (which is damp, overcrowded (dangerous) homes) Working conditions are poor, more accidents, more stress, more drinking and smoking, higher risk of unemployment and less health equality. This argument is structural/Material. This accounts for seventy-five per cent of health inequality according to P. Townsend. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tom White 12/02 05/10/2002 ...read more.

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