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Family diversity.

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Family Diversity In modern Britain post WW2, the amount of the diverse families has grown due to changes over time. The invention of the pill, allowing both men and women to file for divorce without having to prove adultery and even religion not playing such an important part in peoples lives meant that changes in the family structure became more acceptable. Before this time it was the norm to be a part of a nuclear family. The nuclear family; the father financially supporting the family and the mother (have to be married) looking after their children and their home, functionalists argued provided all the necessary factors needed in life. ...read more.


They found that depending on age of people in families also altered the structures of the family. An example of this is if you are a young member in a family network, you are a lot more dependent on your elders closest to you than an adult starting their own family. This was known as the lifecycle diversity. The fifth element of diversity they believed to cause diversity in families is cohort diversity. They found that the state the society was in politically, economically etc at the time of families growing would cause differences from families that were formed earlier in time. Eversley and Bonnerjea also studied diversity in families looking particularly at regional diversity and also came up with elements that cause diverse families. ...read more.


Kierman and the Wicks believe that the nuclear family is dominant in Britain but that the nuclear family is dominant in Britain but that many individuals will be part of or experience, know or meet many different family types and structures. So in conclusion, although the nuclear family is still around and popular in modern Britain it has been slightly adapted to changes both in society and in the house. As Britain is such a multi-cultural society with different races, religions and sexualities there are many more diverse families and with society how it is today most people accept the diverse structures. The families today are mainly typified by diversity. ...read more.

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