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Fi Wi Green Gold

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FI WI GREEN GOLD For this piece, the writer opted the use of poetry as a medium of communication. Poetry, being the most condensed and concerted form of literature, encompasses a diversity of characteristics / features. Poetry, as a literary genre, is more effective when articulating emotive ideas and hence, when used, intensifies the piece, allowing for an increased level of interest on behalf of the listener / reader. It is entertaining and creative, but also has elements of the expository and argumentative genres of writing. The type of poem used is one of a traditional Lyric pattern, that is, it expresses powerful feelings / intense emotions. The use of this genre of poetry (Lyric) aids in expressing the frustrated, assertive, satiric tone of the writer. ...read more.


The poem was written with the intention of being recited at a national convention / meeting with the masses present, and preferably, with the leaders of the country also - as the poem satirizes an important socio-economic and political issue and is a plea to the government. The fact that the writer uses the Creole variety to satirize an important socio-economic and political issue reinforces the fact that the Creole is a language and can be used to relate / communicate a diversity of important matters and opinions in society. By using the Creole variety, the writer hopes that any negative erroneous beliefs that the readers have of this language will be erased. The writer employs the use of a Jamaican Creole idiomatic expression, "Green Gold." The use of this phrase (which means ganja) ...read more.


By using the term "politician lef wi dung a Hannah Town" the writer also exposes the lack of concern / care on behalf of the politicians towards the entire issue. The poem also satirizes the current social discrimination taking place in Jamaica, "When di don dem lik wi out a society". Through this, the writer brings to the attention of the reader, the oppression against the lower class by those people in a higher social and economic status. It is implied that because of this, these members of the lower class continue to remain poverty-stricken and hence, employ ganja as their sole means of survival. The writer makes allusion to one of the famous ghetto towns in the urban area of the country, "Hannah Town." By using this reference the writer will be able to create an emotional appeal to the audience, especially those residing in Hannah Town and experiencing the situation themselves or even those citizens being affected indirectly. ...read more.

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