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First Day

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Short Story- First Day As I run, trying desperately not to be late, my heart was pumping. It's my first day at my new school and already I'm 5 minutes late, wondering what will the teacher say and, more importantly, what my new class will think of me. I run as hard as I can, not caring about my bag rubbing on my shoulders. I run as hard and as fast as I can trying not to be too late. As I approach the stairs, I run up, jump the three steps, burst through the door into the empty corridors, still wondering what everyone will say. I run in the direction of my new classroom approaching the last corner. I swing round the corner and 'Crash'! As I sit up of the ground wondering whom I crashed into, trying to pick up all my belongings, I look at the other person and what I see is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I apologise as much as I can before running of to my new classroom embarrassed. Now not caring what my class will say, all I care about and can think of is that girl. ...read more.


I quickly check my hair and face with my hand to make sure I don' have anything on it. After I have been looking round the class, with them staring back the teacher finally stops looking at the paper on her desk and asks me what my name is. I reply telling her my name saying, "Robert", "Robert Luya", when she hears this she again looks at her piece of paper briefly before saying, "I'm sorry Robert but I believe your in the wrong room, perhaps you should try next door?". When she says this some people in the class behind me start laughing and I hear someone at the back whisper 'fool'. When the teacher said that to me, my whole face turned red and I hurriedly say. "Oh, cheers, sorry for disturbing you", before turning and rushing out of the door, as quickly as I can. When outside I stop and just lean against the wall, thinking, "Why? Why had I gone into the wrong room? Why didn't I see the room number on the door? Why did I have to make a fool of myself?". After about five minutes of asking myself these questions I gather enough confidence to go into the other classroom next door. ...read more.


I wonder whom that belongs to? Before I knew it the bell was ringing to signal the end of the 45 minutes, which passed in what seemed like no time. That bell was also signalling the beginning of my first ever break time. Great! I can't wait. 20 minutes of standing outside, in the cold, on my own looking like a Larry. Great fun! But actually as soon as I walk out onto the playground I get a tap on my shoulder. I think to myself, "O, no", wondering what's going to happen, but when I spin round I am face to face with a boy called Michael in my class. He introduces himself, says he knows I'm new today and asks me if I want to hang with him and his mates. I instantly agree and he takes mw to meet his group. We all become mates instantly and arrange to meet down the park after school. That turned out to be a regular patter, down the park everyday after school to play footy. After 3 weeks of that we were now very good mates and still are. My first day wasn't as bad as I thought it would be after all. It's not everyday you meet a new group of mates. Rob Luya 11GM ...read more.

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