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From your reading, explore the issues of educational inequality either 'race', or 'class' or 'gender'.

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Title: From your reading, explore the issues of educational inequality either 'race', or 'class' or 'gender' This assignment will be exploring and focusing into the educational inequalities that still exist today in our societies based on the social class system within Britain. There have been significant changes to the structure of the educational system throughout the twentieth century, from the compulsion of secondary Education (Education Act: 1944) to the government's introduction of the tri-partite system of schooling and the beginning of the comprehensive system in 1988 and finally to the emergence of the National curriculum in 1998. Even though there are many official statistics that suggests the overall rise of educational attainments through the changes made to the educational system it can be quite clear to notice the ever growing educational inequalities and the fall of attainment levels based on social class. As there are many official reports, researches, theories and evidence to suggest otherwise and will be looked into further within this assignment. The term 'social class' is a complex and complicated term to define, as there can be many meanings to it. However social class is most commonly judged by money, occupation, education, accent and the residential area of an individual, that determines which 'class' an individual falls in, i.e. ...read more.


'Growing up in Britain' (By Keith Lee 16 July 1999) The educational system and state schools also have their part to play in disadvantaging the already disadvantaged child. One major tool used in the process is the 'Catchment area', where instead of examiners selecting the children it is now selected by the estate agents (Davis, 2000), some may ask how is that possible? This is possible through polarising the catchment areas of schools, where the best schools are set in the high housing priced areas where its quite easy and simple for the middle class child to move into and settle at the school. However on the other side of the coin not so possible for the poorer, less advantaged families to move into. So from this limitation based on their social class, most likely the family are left with no option but to send their children to schools that are worse off, where the child's education faces the consequences. The explanation given from a structural functionalism perspective is that it can be argued, the reasons behind the variance of educational success between the social classes is solely based upon a child's family background and home environment. ...read more.


This can be seen as a clear case that illustrates the results of the labelling theory, it can be gathered that through this the working class children are placed at a disadvantage. Throughout this assignment it has been demonstrated thoroughly how educational inequality exists in Britain. Ranging from the government's indirect methods of disadvantaging the lower classed societies to the artful catchment areas of schools and not forgetting the proven teacher's attitudes of the social class labelling theory. By seeing both perspectives of the argument, it does not need further explanations to actually recognise which perspective stands firm with solid proof and which perspective cannot see the whole picture on children and their background. Reflecting from the issues covered from this assignment it can be spotted, the shocking fact of the unfairness within the educational institutes that still carry on throughout the years and yet the government have not took this matter seriously enough to do something about it or more a less do not want to do something to resolve the stigma surrounding the social class system. This can be shown from the numerous reports included and explained, as the gap between the classes is expanding moving further apart and as the famous saying goes the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, which is indeed the reality of Britain today. ...read more.

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