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Gay marriages should be made legal - Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.

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Name: Rea Homatenou Section: ENG103D Instructor: Dr. Stavros Stavrou Karayianni Assignment: Research Paper Title: Gay marriages should be made legal. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss. Homosexuality has always been an easily misunderstood aspect of human's sexual life. People have diverse opinions but also very complex feelings over homosexuality. From the ancient years homosexuals were called "human garbage" and thought to be unclean by society. They were always isolated and rejected because of their sexual preferences, which were something different and unusual in comparison with the standards of society. However the way each of us deal with the fact of homosexuality depends on our own background, confusion, and personal experience with this issue. In the last years it has appeared the phenomenon of gay marriages, which actually worries society and raises many speculations about its probable legalization. ...read more.


According to our religion the two sexes have to married each other and anything else beside that is considered as blaspheme. They don't follow the "rules" of society and religion and they have to be punished. Consequently society, decides for the structure of the most appropriate kind of family and it actually excludes the minority of homosexuals by depriving them the right of getting married, creating a family and even have or adopt children. Additionally they are not suitable to bring up a child with the normal way because inevitably one of the two sexes is absent. According to Freud the lack of one of the two sexes in a marriage ends up to be disastrous for the personality of the child. This comes as a natural consequence because the child has only one sex model to imitate and learn from. ...read more.


They are just like the rest of us, they have the same rights and they deserve the same opportunities in life. Consequently, they should be allowed to get married and create a family. They can be as good parents as the ordinary parents. They can offer love, tenderness and they can contribute to the formation of their children's personality. In conclusion homosexuality has many supporters but also many enemies. The problem that arises is whether it should be legalized or not. As we know from history all kind of discriminations led humanity straight to disaster in the past years. So as we accept every person with its benefits but also its disadvantages, we should also accept the homosexuals. Even if people cannot easily accept something new and different that inclines from what is considered as normal we must try to accept it and give homosexuals the chance to fulfil their dreams and live their lives without any unfair discriminations through legalization of gay marriages. ...read more.

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