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Gender differences

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Gender differences Males will use the Splashradio in different ways than females and will react differently to how it is used. The Splashradio is designed for both males and females and they can use it in many similar situations, however, males and females may use it to play in very different ways and since the Splashradio has no major rules, it can be used however the players choose. Gender roles still hold their stereotypical values developed throughout time, but they are continuously changing. Some barriers are starting to break and girls are beginning to enjoy video games more. The difference between male and female has been culturally constructed and society teaches children what is appropriate and inappropriate based on social norms and stereotypes (Cassell 6, 28). ...read more.


Just because games like Purple Moon and Hawaii High failed don't mean all will. Girls can still play with romance plots, secrets, Barbie's and other traditional interests if they wish, but they aren't limited to them (Cassell 21). Cassell and Jenkins suggested it is best not to design gender specific games, because they will tell users how they are supposed to act and what they should like. The Splashradio leaves these decisions entirely up to the user. Girls may seek "complexity in terms of character relations, not in terms of action elements" like boys do, but they will be able to create this with the Splashradio. Simplifying games or making things pink, like the tanks in "Barbie Quake" won't help girls enjoy using the Splashradio (Cassell 26). ...read more.


Some girls still choose to play stereotypical games, but others are interested in competitive games, just like boys. Gender roles are not as strict as they used to be and girls are discovering many new forms of play that earlier generations thought were only for boys. Girls and boys may use the Splashradio to play games like Star Wars, football, or Marco Polo. However, it can still be used to play with dolls or house, as well, but the device is not gender specific and does not limit the kind of games people play relating to gender. Only social experiences and past stereotypes will control the types of play people participate in while using the Splashradio. One major reason boys and girls will play differently with the Splashradio and other toys is gender segregation. ...read more.

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