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Give a critical account of the secularist’s claim that humanity can be emancipated

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"Give a critical account of the secularist's claim that humanity can be emancipated." What is secularist? A secularist is one who in theory rejects every form of religious faith, and every kind of religious worship, and accepts only the facts and influences which are derived from the present life; also, one who believes that education and other matters of civil policy should be managed without the introduction of a religious element. Secularist believes in a self-correcting system, identifies errors and corrects them or runs away from it. Karl Marx believes that religion is the sign of the oppressed and devastated. Humanity is what shapes us, the quality of being humane, our characteristics. According to Marx, he believes that human beings are creative beings or homo fabers. As homo fabers are creative beings, they are capable of destroying and renewing what they have created. Same logic works for their concept. They create their idea by themselves so, unlike Homo sapiens, they are capable of freely reconstructing it as well. Feminism is also a form of humanity which focuses on the female gender. Emancipated means to be free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; to be liberated. ...read more.


women are suited to a domestic and household existence by the fact that they can bear and suckle children, while the greater physical strength of men suits them to the outdoor and public world of work. The most common of all antifeminist arguments simply asserts that gender divisions in society are 'natural', that men and women merely fulfil the social roles that nature designed them for. Thus a woman's physical and anatomical make-up suits her to a subordinate and domestic role in society. Women are generally physically less powerful than men, with less developed musculatures. To some extent this simply reflects social factors: men have been encouraged to undertake physical and outdoor work, to participate in sport and to conform to a stereotypical 'masculine' physique. However, although physical strength is important in agricultural or industrialising societies, it has little value in developed societies where tools and machinery are far more efficient than human strength. The heavily muscled male may therefore simply be redundant in a technological world of robots and microchips. In any case, physical hard work, for which the male body may be better suited, has traditionally been undertaken by people of low status, not by those in authority. ...read more.


For example the burden of child rearing could be relieved by more generous welfare support for families or the provision of nursery schools. The virtue of liberal society is that it allows people to try things their own way. If gender feminists want "gender-neutral" upbringing, they can practice that on their own children (if any). If professional couples want to both pursue their vocations and leave their children to the uncertain values (and behavior) of the nanny, they can do that. And if cultural conservatives want marriage where the husband supports his family and the wife stays home, they can do that, with traditional family law embodied in private contract. But this has never been the program of establishment feminism, whose instinct and preference has always been coercion and social engineering. In conclusion, it is without a doubt that an increasing number of women go out to work, in many western countries a clear majority of married women, which shows to prove that feminism is emancipated. However despite the anxiety about male non-achiever, it is still women who are predominantly employed in poorly paid, low-status and often part-time jobs. Hence, feminism cannot be fully emancipated overall. Even though legal, political, and sometimes social reforms have been introduced; a substantial difference continues to persist between the roles of women and men in all modern societies. ...read more.

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