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Hamilton Political Views

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[Name of institution] [Name of writer] Hamilton Political Views Introduction Alexander Hamilton was the brilliant idea behind the head of the Federalist Papers. He was the first secretary of the Treasury of the United States, a lawyer, the founding father, an economist and political theorist. It was also one of the two main authors of the Federalist Papers. Thanks to the Federalist Papers, Hamilton attempted to reassure Americans that the federal courts do not enjoy the powers conferred. Hamilton tried to do it through their accounts to the drop in the Anti-Federalists concerns of a very powerful Supreme Court. Through its arguments highlighted specific points in its own way of ratifying the constitution. These main points were that the judiciary would be the least powerful branch because it has no power over the budget, policy, or executive, which is delegated to the legislature and executive. A judiciary with life which is necessary for the independence of the judiciary from the other branches. Analysis In Hamilton, the statements of the Constitutional Convention proposed to have a President and senators elected for life. Significantly, with the possibility of eliminating corruption and abuse, so that the "rich and well born" must have "a clear and ongoing participation in government." ...read more.


He had, according to Hamilton, "neither the strength nor the decision, but simply because it depends on the Judicial Executive for the effectiveness of their sentence. Certainly, Hamilton knew that something needed to be done in order to maintain stability in the three branches for the benefit of society. To protect the rights of people, Hamilton said the importance of judicial review in the future of society. The judiciary must have the power of judicial review to declare null and void laws that the court is deemed unconstitutional (McCloskey, pp 34-189). Meanwhile, Hamilton, the idea was new and shocking to many of his detractors, Hamilton used the Federalist Papers to speak against the anti-federalists. Of course, the anti-Federalists did not agree with your idea, noting that judicial review gave too much power to the judiciary of their situation and pushed the Legislature. Hamilton responded by arguing that both are lower than the power of the people and that the judiciary's role is to ensure that Parliament remains a "server" of the Constitution and the people who created it, not a "master." Based on the principle that "the Constitution is, in reality, and must be considered by the court as a fundamental law," Hamilton concerning a judicial guarantee of the Constitution, which could also promote free government(Bowers, pp 231-190). ...read more.


It does so through a system of mandate for the life of the Supreme Court, foreshadowing the importance of judicial review, and the need to express certain powers that the executive and legislative bodies at their disposal. In addition, attempts to mitigate the opposition fears that the power of the judiciary would be too excessive abuse and, if granted. In total, the Federalist Papers Hamilton showed that compiles some of the wise and moral principles which I have already discussed in class. With the discussion of the judiciary, it is also clear to order, justice and freedom May be linked to the Hamilton attempted to ratify the constitution. Although we have talked about the English Bill of Rights of this document Revolutionary May be linked to the Federalist Papers. When reviewing these documents, it is clear that both had a goal of the reform of future generations. I think Hamilton's Federalist Paper very enjoyable, especially when looking in the type of judicial system and the balance of power within the government that exist in society today. Once again, through the Federalist Papers, Hamilton attempted to reassure Americans that the federal courts do not enjoy the powers conferred. Hamilton tried to do in the Federalist Papers of the decline of the Anti-Federalists concerns of a very powerful Supreme Court. ...read more.

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