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Has Britain's Contemporary Family Life broken down?

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Contemporary Society Diagnostic Exercise 07001252 After the Second World War, the expectation of life has increased steadily. One can say that there is no such thing as standard family1 because through looking at the national statistics which indicates that there is an increase in the rate of divorce and also in the number of single parents leading to a decrease in marriage rates. In fact, the amount of marriage rates in Britain has dropped since 1981 to 2006. ...read more.


It has become government policy to accept that co-habitation should be recognized as "just as good" and "equally as valid a choice" as marriage, and that all trace of stigma attached to having children out of wedlock should be removed.''3 This indicates that the British government has played a very important role in accelerating family breakdown as they have influenced many households that it is not necessary for couples to be married. Nowadays, many couples plan to have fewer children normally no more than two and some have no plan for children in their lives. ...read more.


It is also because of technology since it has affected society by giving no limit. It has created a people of instant touch of a button satisfaction with more, more and more requested. If technology had not developed as fast as it had people would spend more time interacting in 'real-time' in person. Family and Community principles would be of more value as there wouldn't be such a variety of things to seclude and distance us because of all these issues, Britain has lost its empire and what's left of its society is fading away. ...read more.

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