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History Of Black Males In American Society

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History Of Black Males In American Society The black community have always been suppressed and oppressed by the dominant and powerful white members of society. The historical social order of America has meant that traditionally positions of power have been held by a very exclusive group of people; members of this group are stereotypically middle class, middle aged, white males with nuclear families. This Caucasian dominance is well documented throughout history and is epitomised by the slavery of African, and Caribbean Negroes in America by white settlers and pilgrims, which continued for many hundreds of years. This has led to much resentment from the black community towards white people, as it is still very difficult for someone of an ethnic minority heritage to gain a position of any real authority or significance within the USA. Things have undoubtedly improved in America but a balance of equality has still not been achieved, evidenced today by Barack Obama becoming the first Black man to achieve election into the USA senate (the highest form of government in the American administration apart from the cabinet). ...read more.


This woman, Rosa Parks, is an important symbol to black people, serving as a reminder that sometimes, it is not the people in authority, but the actions of one or two citizens of conscience. There is much contempt from 'white America' towards African-Americans, and many Caucasian Americans hold the value of black lives in complete disregard. This is prominent even within American institutions such as the American government with President George Bush Snr actively opposing the release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 and other structures of society including, the Motion Picture Association of America, which is the organisation responsible for rating films. Michael Moore (director of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11) released his first film, 'Roger and Me' in 1988. This film was given an 'R' rating, (which is the equivalent of an '18' rating in the UK) not because it featured actual graphic footage of American police shooting an innocent black man, but because it included a brief non-graphic recording showing a rabbit being killed. ...read more.


The American public however, seem apathetic towards the subliminal messages reinforcing white supremacy and are actually unwilling to even consider their media consumption, with films with racially provocative connotations such as 'Men In Black' and Rush Hour 2 grossing over $225 million each, while the motion picture biography of Malcolm X, one of the most important cultural icons for black people, and one of the most influential figures in the change of racial tolerance and ultimately, world society grossed just $48 million. American society is still intolerant of black people and in film, more often then not, cast the African-Americans in the role of the minstrel. This has been noted by black people and have now taken to playing up to the role by creating spoof films such as the 'Scary Movie' trilogy which grossed over $500 million in total. This shows that whilst society in America has not changed much, except that white people pretend to be less prejudiced, black people have decided to take control and use their own societal positions to take advantage of white America. ...read more.

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