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How accurate is it to describe the UK as a cohesive political culture?

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How accurate is it to describe the UK as a cohesive political culture? We all know that the UK is a democracy but certain people argue about what stage of a democracy we are in. To determine whether the UK is a cohesive political culture we need to first need to understand what cohesive and culture really mean. The New Collins English Dictionary defines cohesive as: the act or state of cohering; tendency to unite. It also defines culture as: 1. The ideas, customs, and art produced or shared by a particular society. 2. A particular civilisation at a particular period. 2. Activity or an interest in the arts in general. So what the statement is really saying, is the UK a united political society? This has to take into account all the factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, social class, and religion. Over this essay I will be trying to work out if the UK is a cohesive political culture. Firstly I think that is it fair to say that our culture is based, at this moment in time, over race and religion. ...read more.


A social class is defined according to its relationship to the productive process in society. In capitalist societies, according to Marx, there are three main classes. First, there is the capitalist class or bourgeoisie. Secondly, there is the petit-bourgeoisie. The third, and most numerous classes, is the working class. The Weberian view of social classes combines several criteria in delineating classes, including income, education and political influence. Unlike Marx, Weber did not regard classes as potential corporate groups; he did not believe that members of social classes necessarily would have shared political interests. Weber preferred to speak of status groups rather than classes. Some ethnic groups have moved to towns or regional centres where they are brought into contact with people with other customs, languages and identities. I do not think that it will ever be possible to ever have a classless society purely based on the fact that people nowadays came never be contempt with what they have, they will always want more. Inter-linked in with class are a variety of things such as money and education. ...read more.


National identity is not given once and for all and cannot be preserved as if it were an antique piece of furniture. The so-called white majority itself consists of groups of people divided along cultural, religious and other lines. This is equally true of the minority. Since Britain does not consist of cohesive majorities and minorities, we should think of it as a looser federation of cultures held together by common bonds of interest and affection and a collective sense of belonging. So overall, I can conclude that there is no way that we can have a cohesive political culture at this moment in time. but it certainly seems to be getting better in some aspects such as gender where women are getting an equal chance in men as life. In the future who knows? In my opinion for us to have a united culture we need to make sure that everybody has an equal chance in life as everybody else. If these factors are fixed then the political apathy is going to rise and people are going to feel more passionate about living in a self-confident and cohesive democracy. ...read more.

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