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How does social pressure affect the family?

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Social pressure as defined by the Webster's dictionary, refers to the influence exerted by society in encouraging a person/s to change his or her attitudes, values, or behavior in order to conform to group norms. There are so many social pressures that affect today's families, especially in the Bahamas. The most common of these pressures are: unemployment, lack of finance, alcoholism, domestic violence and substance abuse. A social pressure can take the form of any of the above mentioned, but the most common of them seems to be unemployment. This affects the family in so many ways. There are some parents that make a sufficient amount of income to support their families, but there are those that make very little money. The best way to get money is to get a good job. Yet there are some people who want to work but can't find a job or are not qualified in the areas needed to obtain a good job. ...read more.


Also the sight of the physical abuse could, and will scar the children that are witnessing it and they themselves are more likely to become victims of abuse or become abusers themselves. Physical abuse also affects the family financially seeing that more money would have to be used on medical bills than usual. The spouse can also be abused mentally. After being married for some time the spouses may not look the same as they did when they first met. This may upset one partner and cause him/ her to lash out and say degrading and hurtful things to another spouse. This could cause low self-esteem or even suicidal thoughts. Any type of abuse though, can cause a spouse to fall into a deep depression. This can cause the child to lash out, because they are not receiving the love and attention that they need. There can also child abuse. ...read more.


The alcoholic would probably feel that it's okay to keep spending money on alcohol to feed his/ her addiction and end up not having enough money to support his/ her family. A person under the influence may also become very aggressive towards his/ her family for no apparent reason leading to domestic violence; as discussed earlier. These causing communication in the family to suffer, because other members are either scared or just don't want to deal with the drunk member. Worst of all an alcoholic parent can influence the child to turn to alcohol. An alcoholic child is just as bad as an alcoholic parent maybe even worse. The child can become a criminal or even worst, dead. In the family, every member is faced with a social pressure at some point in their lives, but it is up to them as an individual to decide whether they are going to let the pressure affect them positively or negatively. When the family is faced with struggles they must band together and become stronger, and not let the things around them influence their attitudes and values. ...read more.

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