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How does the difference between town and country life affect the life of Veronica and Okeke.

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How does the difference between town and country life affect the life of Veronica and Okeke. This story is about family friendship and war. The village has been torn apart by war and poverty, with rebel soldiers destroying everything in their path. The friendship part of the story is about two childhood friends who live in the same village, their names are Okeke and Veronica. They are completely different people because Okeke wants to become a very famous doctor in the big city and Veronica wants to stay in the village to get married, become a mother and live a quiet life. Veronica is a completely different person to Okeke because she is very poor and her father is a 'brute", he always beat's her and her 'weak' mother. Veronica is a very poor and weak person, this is a big problem for Veronica because she can't afford to go to school. She is the eldest child of the family, she has lots of responsibility for bringing up the other children in her family. ...read more.


Veronica's best friend Okeke was born in the same village, Okeke had a better chance in life because he was male. Okeke lived in a hut with his parents and an uncle which stayed there, when Okeke first started secondary school at the age of twelve. Okeke wants to become a doctor but first he needs to get a scholarship. After years of hard work and studying he does finally get his scholarship and settles in the city. After years of war' Okeke returns to the village to see Veronica. He was appalled of the village, as he has been living in relative luxury. Veronica had a baby in her early twenties and married a man from a different village, she says 'you don't know him, he is not of our people'. She is squatting over a smoking fire as the baby is tied to her back. She is alone as she tells Okeke 'you heard that my parents died?' and her brothers and sisters having gone too. She is like an outsider to the rest of the village but proud. ...read more.


He has seen his best friend being brutally beaten by her father, and has also lived in extremely poor conditions, Which we do not encounter very much in England. The thing that shows Okeke's life is so much different than mine, is that he has been through a barbaric war and he has seen his family and friends die one by one. Yet within his country he is considered well off because he has moved away from the village and become well educated. Even within third world countries there's a huge gap between what is considered luxurious there and what is considered fairly normal for us here in England. Even very poor people in England can be educated and so on because our society usually doesn't insist that women stay in the home. He also heard on the news that his best friends husband had been taken away by rebels and viciously beaten up. My conclusion is that the village that Okeke and Veronica live is completely different to the way city people live now. There are many differences in different country's some are first world and third world for example Africa and England. By Robert Carter Robert Carter 11A5 11GG ...read more.

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