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How far do sociologist agree that the family benefits the needs of patriarchy?

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How far to sociologist agree that the family benefits the needs of patriarchy? Sociologists agree that living in a nuclear family (a heterosexual couple with dependent children) tends to benefit men more than women, for example, in many families women have most responsibility for housework and childcare even if they are in fulltime employment. Women are housewives and play the expressive role. On the contrary, sociologist believe that a nuclear family may not just benefit the men but may also benefit the whole family or even society, for example, by having both ...read more.


Sociologist also agree that primary socialization in families is a gendered process, they believe that our gender is forced upon us from a young age through many things such as the colour of the clothes we wear as babies (blue for boys and pink for girls) and many gender specific toys, such as Lego and mechanical toys for boys and dolls and makeup kits for girls. Sociologists may argue against this by saying that family traditions are important, for example in some cultures it may be tradition that the women cook and look ...read more.


married, also due to the fact that in some families the men have a higher income they make most of the decisions in the family, causing them to have power of women. Some sociologist disagree with this by saying that we are not in control of our behaviour, they believe that institutions determine how we behave, for example we are taught at school how to act towards each other, and by watching the way other people act towards each other we copy them and believe this to be the right way to behave. ...read more.

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