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How has James Cameron presented and adapted the true story of The Titanic for the cinema?

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How has James Cameron presented and adapted the true story of The Titanic for the cinema? The Titanic was a gripping story written by James Cameron in 1996. It is a re-write of what happened in 1912, and it tells the story well, and it has many realistic features, and to make the story even more impressive, James Cameron adds a love story to the equation, and the story is a success, which is very emotional, and a calamity at the same time. James Cameron manages to really make the audience watching the movie feel what is going on, and what it would have been like to experience being on the Titanic. The Titanic, is likely James Cameron's finest piece of work, and he has written others like "Terminator", and "Aliens." The film manages to separate the first class people from the second-class people, and it does it in a way that shows us how to really tell the difference between the two social classes. ...read more.


At the part where Cal doesn't know who Jack is, but he knows he is a second-class person, he refers to him as "filth", and this shows how it is being criticized. Even at the part of the movie where the Titanic is sinking, the first class people have a back up plan, and can get away quickly, and safely on a boat, where as the second-class people have to scream, and make noise, trying to find a way to survive. As well as this story separating the two classes from each other, it also separates the different groups of people on the Titanic. The Captain of the Titanic is a typical captain with a beard, who feels proud to be the captain of something so powerful as the Titanic. He is smartly dressed, and so are his officers. At one part of the movie you can see the captain standing at the very top of the Titanic, and he can see the whole Titanic, and everyone on it, and he looked on with pride. ...read more.


It showed just how tragic it was, and it being o huge, it just showed how many people died on it, and how being on the Titanic would have been a once in a life time experience. Another great scene was the incident where Jack stops Rose from jumping over the ship's rail. It showed how even a second-class person can get through to a first class person, if they just listened, and in this case Jack made Rose see sense. The scene where Jack sketches Rose was a thing of beauty, and it shows that he is talented, despite what people may think of him. Rose can see right through him. Overall, I think that this movie was brilliant, and the reason it was such a success, is because of the love story between Jack Dawson, and Rose DeWitt Bukater. Them both being from different classes of people, showed that they really could be a great couple, and they may not have ever imagined it ever happening. Andrew Latimer ...read more.

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