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How to revise effectively?

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How to revise effectively? The very word 'revise' used to give me goose bumps throughout my entire student life. I don't why but I somehow irked at the very though of revising any topic. Now, I realize that my feelings were a mix of both lethargy and nervousness. I felt bored because I knew that I would have to go a topic that I have already studied all over again. And, I used to get nervous thinking that I may find I don't even remember a wee bit of what I had studied. Whatever it may be, one cannot simply ignore the importance revising topics. The more we revise the better we tend to know the subject, and this increases our chances of doing well in the examinations. The best way to revise is to conduct group study. ...read more.


Students often make the mistake of trying to memorize the entire note all at one go. I always followed a different method of memorizing one paragraph at a time. In fact, I used to test myself after learning each paragraph. Even after you have moved on to the second paragraph, do make it a point to comeback to the first paragraph and test your memory. If you proceed paragraph wise, then you will see that learning becomes much easier. Repetition is one thing that most students avoid because they do not like to spend adequate time for a specific note, and they are in hurry to complete everything. Remember that the more you repeat the more will you remember. I knew that even if was revising a topic for the second there were high chances of me forgetting it after a certain period of time. ...read more.


If you do not have a proper timetable then things will awry and the day before the examination you may find that you don't remember an iota of all that you had mugged up. Proper planning is the only way to academic success. I remember consulting previous years question papers thoroughly as they gave an idea of what sort of questions I could expect for my examinations. Students, you must make it a point to practice past papers. At the end of all this, I must confess that I used to feel saturated at times and my brain used to get jammed when I could accommodate no more. This must happening to all of you out there as well. Whenever you feel jammed, you must know you need a break. Simply relax, chat with your friends, family members or watch television. When you feel relaxed you can get back to studies again. Here's wishing you all the luck! ...read more.

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