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I predict that girls do better at GCSEs in Samuel Whitbread Community College than boys because boys don't work as hard as they should as they

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HYPOTHESIS I predict that girls do better at GCSEs in Samuel Whitbread Community College than boys because boys don't work as hard as they should as they are afraid that other boys would criticise them, this is mainly due to the way the boys have been socialised either at school or primarily and home in the family. Also they would rather concentrate more on what they want to do today rather than what they want to do in the future. Boys are easily distracted and, girls are hard workers. I have witnessed this in many lessons were boys are messing around and not concentrating fully on they task they have been set. Boys are not willing to spend as much time on coursework as girls, so as more coursework I introduced the lower the boys grades are getting. It has not always been like this as during the last thirty years it has taken a dramatic u-turn. It used to be that girls got lower grades because teachers saw no reason to give women a decent education as they would only amount to housewives. Although boys could become lawyers, doctors and onto a higher education. ...read more.


30mins - 1hour 2 - 3 hours Other BACKGROUND RESEARCH Teachers underestimate girls' ambitions. Only one girl was mentioned as likely to get a management job and male teachers could not envisage any occupation other than marriage for two thirds of the girls. One girl, who was getting the top marks in her class in both her main A level subjects, and who wanted a career in the diplomatic service, was described by her woman teacher as likely to become 'the personal assistant to somebody rather important. Pupils echoed the teacher's views. Both boys and girls, asked to list their class in order of ability, tended to exaggerate the capacity of boys and to downgrade girls. 'It's hard to imagine a girl that's better than me', one boy said. 'I can if I try but it is unusual'. Several of the girls in his class were getting better marks than he was but he could not know since marks were not made public. Main Points: � Education system has gradually developed since about 1870 people have not always had the right to education. � 1944 the education system was changed to reflect the new belief in meritocracy. ...read more.


Also the fact that during the observations there were nearly double the number interruptions form boys than from girls. As well as almost triple the number of telling offs from teachers to students. The boys only contributed 6 times to the lesson, while the girls contributed 11. Also from previous research I know that girls are much better at coursework than boys, add this with the fact the girls are spending much more time on their coursework than boys. Now because the GCSE courses are more coursework based the girls are finding it easier. Whereas before when they were purely exam and boys did much better. ANALYSIS I think that I have completed my hypothesis in finding out why I think girls do better than boys at GCSE. I could have improved my project by including more observations and doing several interviews with staff and with students, also I would try and interview sociologists that have done similar studies so I could gain more knowledge on the subject and get some other opinions. Also I would have made my action plan much more complicated; by adding these interviews and by interviewing calluses of just boys and just girls to compare the number of interruptions and the levels of learning. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jonny Pearson ...read more.

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