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I think that Girls are better at maths than Boys.** I am now going to move on and used the stratified sampling method to help me choose how many boys and girls I need from each year group!

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Introduction Our maths teacher Mr Lavery has given us a sheet containing 300 students test results for our school St. Marks. There is four subjects involved they are: Maths, English, Science, and French. There is also only 3 year groups involved they are years 8, 9, and 10. I have studied the piece of paper that Mr Lavery gave me and 1 have noticed that in year 8 there is 5 classes listed they are: A, B, C, D, and E. Where as in years 9 and 10 there is only four classes which are A, B, C, and D. Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E Year 8 26 25 21 24 24 Year 9 27 26 17 10 0 Year 10 25 26 24 25 0 In year 8 altogether there is 120 people. In year 9 altogether there is 80 people. In year 10 altogether there is 100 people. I have also noticed on the sheet of paper given to me that there is no names mentioned, but each person is allocated with a number. Numbered from 1 - 300. I am going to take a sample of 50 students and compare their marks for the marks of the maths. ...read more.


Below is a stem leaf diagram of all the marks form maths in a sample of 50 people from a school. This is a back to back stem leaf diagram which shows me the modal class for each group I.E. the girls modal class is the 50s' and the boys is the 50s' and the 70s'. Key: 7 7 Equals 77. Mark Tally Frequency 0 - 10 0 11 - 20 0 21 - 30 / 1 31 - 40 / 1 41 - 50 //// //// 10 51 - 60 //// //// //// / 16 61 - 70 //// //// // 12 71 - 80 //// //// 9 81 - 90 // 2 This is a tally of all the marks from the stem leaf diagram above. I am now going to find the mean for both boys and girls. I will add up all the scores for the random 25 girls and then divide them by 25. BOYS > 1576 divided by 25 = 63.04 GIRLS > 1305 divided by 25 =52.2 The mean for the boys is higher than the girls mean by 11 marks, this is the outcome for my sample of 50 from all years. <8, 9, 10> I am now going on to find the range of both the boys and the girls and then altogether. ...read more.


This gives me an idea that the modal class for boys is 61 to 70. and the modal class for the girls is 61 to 70. I have noticed in this tally that the boys and the girls both have he same modal class. Which is 61 to 70. On the other sheets included I have the lists that I used to get my charts, scatter graphs etc. it also shows the results correlation . Summary: In this piece of course work we were asked to compare results from 300 students at a local school. I have chosen to compare a sample of 50 students, 25 boys and 25 girls. The first comparison I chose the maths results. I stated a hypothesis. And from this hypothesis I have worked to find if my hypothesis is true or untrue. My conclusion for this is untrue. For the second part of this coursework I done the same with the 50 students but as well as comparing the Maths results I also done the English marks. I done the exact same as I done for the first part but I also drew box plots to help me to really compare the results. If I had of put all 300 students in to the table I would of thought that I would of got a better result as it would have been the true results. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daynah ...read more.

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