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Imaginative writing - Black president

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Imaginative Black president "Hey! Give me back my hat" "Come and get it" There was a kid named John and he was black he got bullied every time and when he told his teacher and his parents they couldn't do anything. They moved school ten times since then but in every school he got bullied. He came home crying everyday, his mom decided to phone up school, to headmaster Mr Jackson. But he was quite racist as well, so he told John's mum that he is going to do something about it but he didn't. So while John was getting beaten up at school his mum was relaxed thinking that all of things are taken care of. ...read more.


The school work was so hard but he kept studying and studying and the exams were a month away, and John seriously wanted to be a President which has high standard and hard to be one when you are coloured but John wanted to change all that. He studied and studied thinking about his race and anti racism. His nose bled a lot of times because of the tiredness, but he did manage to get some sleep... well he couldn't help it. When it was the day before the exam he didn't even eat and when the exam day came he was very nervous and he couldn't really hold a pen. However he was great he got 4As and 1B which was PE and he wasn't good at it. ...read more.


His opponent was Hope Epoh who was white, tall, and handsome. He had quite many people to vote for him as well. Then just a day before the Election Day they all made a speech. Hope was talking about how he could make our country better but John was talking about how racism should stop. Most of white people voted for Hope and most Black people voted for John. As the result came out they were all nervous and sweaty, the result were 104792583758 votes for Hope 104792583759 votes for John John was screaming his head off because he was so happy and tears everywhere. John was the first black president in UK After 10years John still was a president because he controlled the country so well that nobody disagrees with him, he was rich and famous. His mum was very proud of him and racism wasn't even a word. ...read more.

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