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Influences affecting consumers buying fashionable clothes.

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To : Marketing Director Jeremy Francalanza From: Marketing Manager Date: 02.12.03 Subject : Influences affecting consumers buying fashionable clothes There are many different factors which could afect the buying behaviour of the consumers when it comes to fashion and clothing.There are two types of behaviour,the individual type which depends on the individuals tastes and the environmantal type which depends on culture and society.We also bare in mind that most of the people we cater for, range from an age of 15 to and age of 30 years. As i mentioned previously culture is a very important factor when it comes to the production of clothes and fashion and we are very aware of it since our company is situated in india. ...read more.


We must cater for the majority age group. Lifestyles also shouldn't be neglected. this area is extremely important when it comes to producing clothing. Since our main market are students there are two factors which influence their lifestyle. One influence are the reference groups and aspiration groups.A good example of these are famous people known to these students like singers or actors.These people manage to introduce any kind of fashion ranging from all sorts of weird fashion back to old fashioned ways of dressing. Therefore its hard but important to keep up to date wit these changes in fashion so that we can supply our customers with what they want. Another influence is family. ...read more.


Another factor that i think should be mentioned is the marketing effort shown by the employees for hight customer recognition. If this is done it puts a vital good light on our brand and outlet. They should do their best to please the customer so that the customer gets a good impression and leaves the shop satisfied. All the factors mentioned above are very important and should be followed up to obtain a higher sales volume. They should be researched and examined and also kept up to date as much as possible. If this is done the company will have great success not only with its present customers but also with new ones to come. ...read more.

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