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Institutions and society.

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Institutions and Society In today society, our lives are influenced by a lot of external factors, that some our out of our control. But anyway, we are all part of the same society, so we influence over each other lives. Some of those external factors, called institutions, have an active part in our daily lives. Socialization plays an important part in shaping people and their roles in society, through institutions like the family, the education and consequently the workplace. I will try to explain how these institutions in some way construct and promote images that lead to discrimination, prejudice, homophobia, and the social construction of identities. We can say that the education system is one of these institutions that influence our lives, and "socialize us". Schools serve to reinforce social class divisions. It is important to say that educational success generally rises with family income, many sociologists see material deprivation as the major cause of inequality in educational success. All those students with higher social backgrounds were much more likely to stay in education past the minimum leaving age than those from working class backgrounds. Schools take over from the family as the primary source of socialization, transmitting society's norms and values and preparing children for their role in adult life. ...read more.


"At a May 11 press conference marking National Equal Pay Day, President Clinton reported that, even decades after the adoption of the Equal Pay Act, women are still negatively affected by pay discrimination" (Paycheck Fairness Act). It seems it is difficult to make the gaps between women's and men's earnings, and try to keep the most logical reasoning of 'equal pay for equal work.' It is true that women have been earning more in the last years, but they are still discriminated in this subject. Although, it is true that some jobs are done better by men than women, but almost everything can be done by both genders. We have to understand that as Judith Lorber says, "Gender roles change"(107). The question is, if a man gets a job done in a certain amount of time, and the woman does the same job in the same time, aren't they supposed to be treated the same. That is unfair, and that shows that shows that we are still living in a patriarchic society, where man has the power, where males dominate. It is true that most of the observed difference in the pay of men and women can be because economic factors -including many that involve choices made by workers. ...read more.


The church since it's beginning has been completely against lesbianism, homosexuality, or even bisexuality, but maybe they don't express it in public or in the media, but it is of general knowledge that they are not in favor of any of them. The problem is that there have been many cases where priests or cardinals, members of the church, have sexually abused children. The church is trying to combat this kind of problems, "remove from the path to the priesthood young men who are homosexuals" (Cardinal Sins) It is clear that in the world we are living, society is going thorough many changes, and as days go by, we are trying to adjust our lives to this changes. But it seems some aspects of our lives are hard to modify, and some of our attitudes will be the same. It is difficult for a person to change their way of thinking, but it can be done. I think that the process starts with the education we receive at our homes, with our family, and then the education we are given. It doesn't matter if we belong to a higher class or not, but the education system must be good enough to provide everyone with the same opportunities, and allow everybody to have a good development in their future, at their workplace, at their homes, and most of all, as a person. ...read more.

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