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Intolerance in the Chrysalids

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Evan Wilson Evan 1 Mrs. Wood English 11 2 November/15/2002 Intolerance in the Chrysalids The Chrysalids was by John Wyndham. It Involves Children that have ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) living in a community that does not tolerate differences. They are eventually found out and escape to Sealand (New Zealand). All societies in this novel practice intolerance in one way or another, even though Wyndham doesn't approve of it. We see it with the Norms, the Fringes, the Sealanders and even people of today. I feel this was a great way of depicting intolerance. Intolerance is most visible in this novel with the Waknuk civilization. You could also say that the Strorm family is one of the most intolerable families there. David didn't have a lot of choices growing up, including the tolerance of deviants. ...read more.


This is horrible example of the intolerant nature of the Norms. Intolerance, surprisingly enough, was also practiced in the fringes. The people who lived in the fringes were intolerant towards the people of Waknuk. They felt anyone without a type of mutation or difference was inferior to them. An example of this is when Rosalind is fleeing the town with all the ESP children. Rosalind still had a cross on her dress from Waknuk, which was a sign that she was "a true human", and was only worn by the norms. Because she had ESP she wasn't considered "a true human". W hen they were running away Sophie told Rosalind that if anyone from the Fringes saw that cross they would reject her; this is because they reject the norms. ...read more.


It also goes on in the Evan 3 area of wealth. Some people who have more money than others believe they are better than other people because of that. The ultimate example of intolerance in this novel is the nuclear warfare that took place in the time of the old people. The old people obviously couldn't tolerate each other so they started nuclear war. This brings the novel into full circle because it is the reason for all of the events in the novel, the mutations, the intolerance, and the reason the children were running away. Overall, this novel was a great way to depict intolerance. Every society practices it in some kind of way. It is ironic that all these different acts of intolerance came from one big one, which was nuclear warfare. I think it is defiantly possible for this to happen if something as catastrophic as that happened, I just hope it never does. ...read more.

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