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Intro to Sociology.

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Jeremy R. Edmund Cheryl Potter Intro to Sociology MWF 3-3:50pm 1. The sociological perspective (imagination) can be characterized as seeing the general in the particular and how the general operation of society affects the experiences of particular people. With that, sociology educates people to better understand the opportunities and the barriers that exist in their lives. Sociological perspective can be a valuable asset in coming to terms with a personal problem. After I had to take medical leave from work and could not return because of a nerve disorder I am currently having, I began to feel as if I was not being constructive enough and my self worth took a nosedive. I was biased against myself for not doing what it is a man is 'suppose' to be doing in society, even though I am physically hindered right now. During this time off I figured I could take a couple of classes while wait out the pain. As I analyzed the opportunities available for me to attend college full-time such as the GI Bill, loans and grants, I also reassessed some personal and professional goals with my family as in what I should do. I realized I didn't want to work in a factory for 20 years, if or when I recover, so I enrolled in college to better pursue my adjusted goals which include Associates and Bachelor Degrees in Accounting to become a Certified Public Accountant. ...read more.


What she found was that her sweet, caring class of 3rd graders were vicious and mean towards the ones being discriminated on within 15 minutes of the prejudices being introduced to the classroom environment. Both group of kids took tests on both days and the results were much worse on the days their particular group was discriminated against and were not happy at all. With that, prejudices have a reactionary effect that seems to degrade the self-esteem and self-worth at once while also altering behavior and attitude.. The blue-eyed adults later in the film started getting agitated, uncooperative, combative, and mean due to the lack of respect they were receiving as a blue-eyed person in the same scenario. This documentary shows prejudices are mostly influenced by the surrounding environment and peers, or a culture of prejudices, which views certain categories as better or worse than others. Even if one does not agree with the prejudice, they might conform to the surrounding prejudices to 'fit in' and so as not be discriminated against themselves. 8. Other than both the primary and secondary groups influencing the way a person acts, most of each groups characteristics are opposite of each other. The quality of relationships in a primary group is personal orientation while secondary group are more goal orientated. The length of a primary group relationship is usually long term, where secondary groups tend to be short-term, but can vary. ...read more.


Some statuses matter more than others such as a master status, which has a special importance for social identity, often shaping a person's entire life. For most in the US, occupation is the master status because it conveys a great deal about social background, education, and income. While a person holds a status, they perform a ROLE, or a behavior expected of someone who holds a particular status. Actual role performance varies according to a person's personality, although some societies permit more individual expression than others. In a modern high-income country, like us, role conflict arises between roles corresponding to two or more statuses, such as parenting, full-time student, and fianc´┐Ż. Even roles linked to one status can cause tension known as role strain. In short, performing these roles required of us requires a balancing act throughout our life. The biggest role conflict in my life is the full-time student with parenting a child with Downs Syndrome and my current physical disability that forced me out of work and normal everyday activities without pain. Being able to analyze each status and what was expected for each role allows me to 'compartmentalize' my school role so I can better focus on the needs of my family while home in the evening and pain management for myself. In the end compartmentalizing is organizing information in your head as to the environment expected in whatever role is needed at that time and not letting multiple roles conflict and cause something to happen that should not. Edmund 1 ...read more.

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