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Investigation of the Difference in Educational Achievement between Males and Females.

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Investigation of the Difference in Educational Achievement between Males and Females Cranford Community College Wai-Sing Ma Contents Hypotheses Page 3 Introduction Page 3 Research Methods Page 4 Results Page 5 Analysis Page 13 Evaluation of research methods Page 15 Conclusion Page 16 Source index Page 17 Educational Achievements Hypotheses For the past few years, females have achieved immensely higher grades than males. I believe the huge gaps between the results are due to: * Females mature quicker than boys do * Males lose concentration in the classroom, females also do, but to a smaller extent * Females are more likely to seek help if in need * Males are more laid back and lazy * Males are more likely to disrupt classes and this affects achievement * Males are usually disorganised and are unable to meet deadlines * Girls contribute to the lesson more I will carry out an investigation and attempt to show my hypotheses are factual. Introduction Over the last few years, girls have gained much higher grades than boys. There are countless possible reasons for this but it is extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly why this is so. Possible reasons are stated in my hypotheses and I will carry out an investigation and attempt to prove if these are myths or facts. My hypotheses seem fair but are they factual? I will be investigating why females achieve such high grades and boys are struggling to match the females. My hypotheses are from sociologists who believe they know why there is such a big gap in grades between the two genders. I am carrying out this investigation because I believe many statements sociologists make are myths and I have a desire to prove this. I will be investigating in Cranford Community College as I attend this school and therefore I will have no difficulty entering and carrying out my investigation. Cranford Community College has different facilities for adult education, sports, and they also have the best ICT facilities in the borough. ...read more.


This can also occur in females, but it is less likely. The fact that females mature quicker has been proved many times through science, but the past results also show us this. During secondary education, the difference in grades between the genders is very high but in university the grades are very well balanced. I again proved this in my observation. My readings show me that the gap between the girls' and boys' result are very wide in the SAT's results but the gap between the grades in the GCSE's are less wide. This is the case almost every year and it becomes obvious that girls mature much quicker than boys do. Maturity plays a very big part in educational achievements because if a person is immature, they will not take certain subjects such as sex education seriously. Therefore they will not learn certain things in this subject and will not score highly in tests. This agrees with my hypotheses and shows my hypothesis was correct. I was very surprised with one of my results. In my observation, I noticed there were more girls than boys who were not concentrating. I am certain that this was a very rare result and usually, more girls than boys concentrate in class. I have this opinion because I have been in many classes in my lifetime and almost always, the majority of the people who are concentrating, are females. Obviously, if you concentrate, you will definitely achieve higher grades then a peer who is not concentrating. As the majority of the people who are concentrating are girls, this tells us that most will achieve much higher grades than most boys. I have established that I my results are not accurate, but there is a more important thing. Why? Why have I obtained these results? I am unsure if it was the class or if it was through my own error. ...read more.


In actual fact, I witnessed the exact opposite. This surprised me immensely but I am sure this result is very rare and I would gain very different results if I carried out more observations. I say this because in my classes, I have witnessed many boys shout. Girls also shout out, but much less than boys. I was very surprised to see that more girls than boys failed to concentrate. This surprised me because over my years as a pupil, I have attended many classes and most of the time; it is usually the girls who are the most concentrated. I am sure that this result was a one off and I am sure that if I carried out more observations, I would witness results that are very different to the ones I gained from this observation. Unfortunately, time was not on my side and I could not complete more than one observation. There are many other possible factors concerning educational achievement such as crime. Crime is a factor because during the teenage years, many boys are involved in some sort of crime. Starting crime at a young age will drive them to carry on with their habit. If this is the case, their education will be jeopardized. Males mostly commit crimes but the figures in female crime are rising rapidly. This is concerning many including myself. As boys are the main criminals, the boys' grades will fall creating a tremendous gap between girls' and boys' grades. I would have added this into my investigation but I imagined the amount of work required completing an observation on crime would be too great. If I were to do this assignment again, I would Source List Dorothy Lepkowska - The Mirror, "The Lads Done Bad" Phil Revell - The Guardian, "Time To Put A Stop to the GCSE Circus" Michael Lea - The Sun, "You're GCSE Dunces lads" Sarah Cassidy - The Independent, "Boys Told to Lift Game after Girls Increase Exam Lead" http://www.literacytrust.org.uk/Database/boys/examandprospects.html http://www.parliament.the-stationery office.co.uk/pa/cm200102/cmselect/cmsctech/508/508ap29.htm - 1 - ...read more.

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