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Investigation to find out how the resistance of resistance wire varies with length.

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Carolina Resk Philosophy Essay AP World History Mr. Fabisak Compare Chinese philosophy to Indian thought during the first Millennium B.C. Between 800 B.C. and 300 B.C., four philosophical revolutions took place in or near the river valley civilizations. These revolutions were crucial to the development of organized and strong civilizations, and therefore essential to the successive events that occurred in history. Although all four revolutions are very important, Chinese Philosophy and Indian Religion are probably the most considered and studied ones. This does not mean that Greek and Jewish religion are not significant; only that Chinese and Indian philosophy have had greater influence both in ancient and present times. For that reason both philosophical revolutions must be compared to then analyze why these river valley civilizations became so influential societies. Chinese philosophical revolution was probably the most uncomplicated and continuous revolution of all. Due to geographical and cultural benefits, China was able to develop a unique culture, which was not affected by outside forces, usual at the time. ...read more.


The Legalists developed a political philosophy that emphasized strict laws and harsh punishments in the control of society. Indian civilization has a very sharp contrast comparing to Chinese civilization. Neither its geographical and cultural aspects helped to develop a distinctive civilization, as china did. For instance, the Indus civilization collapsed by the middle of the second millennium B.C., and was replaced by the Indo- Aryan people who absorbed some traditions and built a whole new civilization. As a consequence of this modification, Indian thought and religion began to flourish after 600 B.C. Ancient Indian thought appears in scriptures called Veda. It also includes mystical pieces known as Upanishads (700 to 100 BC), and early Buddhist writings (300 BC to AD 500). The oldest literature of Indian thought is the Veda, a collection of poems and hymns composed over several generations beginning as early as 1200 BC. Four collections were made, so it is said that there are four Vedas, and all of them came to be viewed as sacred in Hinduism. ...read more.


Second, both revolutions were causes of political and social crisis. The discovery of iron meant better weapons, which led to more powerful armies. The relation of humans to nature changed drastically, which led to new views of the world and universe. With so many changes occurring, new ideas had to be proposed both to restore society and to reunify empires. Furthermore, both revolutions had the same purpose; to answer unsolved questions about the human condition. To conclude, Chinese and Indian philosophies are very significant and valuable to our society. They have influenced our daily life and our world both politically and religiously. Chinese thought inclines towards humanism rather than spiritualism, rationalism rather than mysticism, and syncretism rather than sectarianism. Indian philosophy is spiritual, mystical and fulfilling, and by combining them we have one extensive, rich, and complex philosophy. These civilizations deserve our recognition for they were, are and will always be the beginning of philosophical thought. Resources: 1. Microsoft(r) Encarta(r) Online Encyclopedia 2003 http://encarta.msn.com (c) 1997-2003 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 2. http://www.questia.com 3. http://www.google.com 4. "Chinese Philosophy", AP World History Book Chapter 2, pgs 49-56. 5. "Religion in India", AP World History Book Chapter 2, pgs 57- 66. ...read more.

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