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Is there really a drugs problem today or is it just an invention of the Media?

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A lot of young people today are taking drugs because they want to loosen up at parties and have more fun than they originally wanted. In January a fifteen-year-old girl died from taking a drug. It was at a Christmas party when she first took the drug, it was ecstasy. It is a class A drug and makes the user feel more alert and in tune with their surroundings especially people, this is why people take it at parties. Because the drug produces an energy buzz it can make the user feel like they can dance for several hours. The effect of the drug can last up to six hours. The girl took the drug and while going upstairs to get some water fainted. ...read more.


She didn't realise that just by possessing drugs she could get a charge. Most people don't realise that just by carrying them they could get a police record and a punishment. For class A drugs like ecstasy and cocaine anyone could get seven years imprisonment and/or a fine. For class B drugs like cannabis and amphetamines its five years imprisonment and/or a fine. For class C drugs like steroids and tranquillisers its two years imprisonment and/or a fine. If you are caught with possessing a drug there are three things that the police can punish you with, these are: * A reprimand, which is a police record held for five years and if you offend again it won't be a warning, they will charge you. ...read more.


There is evidence showing that when children first use drugs they are prone to use again after a short distance of time. This is shown especially by cannabis as it addictive because it can leave the user caving more. People sometimes use other drugs to stop the craving of drugs like crack or rock, as it is more commonly know. I think that there is a drugs problem today but it's not as big as the media make it out to be. In summary though, the media do give out phone numbers and address's that young people can contact if they do have a problem so even though they do make a big deal out of it they level themselves out by giving out help as well. Jennifer Brotherton 10.9 ...read more.

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