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It is not the act itself that is wrong. It is what society makes of this act that renders it a crime. Discuss.

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It is not the act itself that is wrong. It is what society makes of this act that renders it a crime. Discuss. We all know who and what deviants are or at least we know how to recognise one when we've seen one. Deviants are those people who rebel against the norms of human society and refuse to live within the stifling rules that human being within a certain society would usually follow. These people would be drug abusers, violent thieves, or those people whom people would consider as excessively eccentric and would not be credible to the general standards of the society's "acceptability". We know that certain laws and unofficial rules, in other words, the "norms" or "sanctions", manage human social life. However we all fail to see that at some point in our lives we all tend to be deviant or adverse to certain laws or rules. Of course if everyone had to break the laws governing a country the world would be a complete pandemonium. Take a look at the roads and streets outside: hardly any deviance going on there, (although in Malta this is rarely the case) ...read more.


Marijuana is the most widely used drug in the world and even though there is absolutely no proof that the long-term negative effects of the drug are no different than the effects of cigarettes there is a strong adversity against the use of the drug in almost every country that condemns drug use in the laws they put out, even though the drug can be effectively used to combat the pains of arthritis or muscular dystrophy. The Dutch society accepts drug use just like we accept cigarette use and alcohol consumption. Does that make the Dutch society deviant? To most other societies this may be true but only because we are used to be living in an environment where drug trafficking is kept well under our noses and out of our sight because of the strict laws against it. Because of the over population problem in China, there are many laws that have taken place that may come as a shock to most of us. Every married couple is obliged to have only one child and are given a contract to sign stating that if they do agree to comply and only have one ...read more.


He also said that responding to social deviance promotes social unity and that people characteristically react to serious crime with overboard outrage just like the Americans protested in respond to the terrorist attack last September 11th. And finally deviance confirms and verifies the moral boundaries and cultural sanctions and norms. Without deviance, these sanctions or norms would not be distinguished and nobody would recognise a virtue from a vice because there simply would not be any vices. Deviance helps us make moral choices. As we have seen in these few paragraphs, deviance, as well as conformity is shaped by a society. Deviance varies according to social norms. No action is deviant; it only becomes deviant when applied in relation to certain norms, just like marijuana being legal in Amsterdam and illegal in most parts of the globe. We have also seen that people become deviant as others define them that way and that rule making and rule breaking involve social power. It is one thing to state a person as a criminal or a person of deviant behaviour, but is it quite another thing to try and understand the person's deviance excluding the sanctions and norms of the society he is living in. Rachel Azzopardi Carbonese Sociology assignment Group 1a ...read more.

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