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It's tough being a teenager

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The life of a teenager in modern Britain is not easy. There are many different problems young people are forced to deal with in this day and age. The problems of a teenager range from pressures of school exams and completion of tedious work, up to the rapidly increasingly problem of drug abuse. The pressures of exams and schoolwork are a noticeably smaller problem for teenagers in comparison to drug abuse or committing violent street crime. Never the less it is still a problem that makes many peoples lives an unpleasant and traumatic time. The pressure that teenagers are under is due to the climax of school attendance the final G.C.S.E examination which can be either a declaration of a pupil's intelligence and will lead to university placements and an ...read more.


Another common outlet which addicts feed their habit with is car theft. The most commonly used people to carry out jobs such as violent killings and car crime a part of a gang which is dependent on drug use. The problems of teenagers are widely publicised in the media and often over exaggerate things and often overlooked as well as things being overlooked. The media has a very important role in a teenagers life, it tells people what is acceptable with regards to fashion and Forces boundaries to be forged within society such as people who skate and listen to heavy metal and the people that listen to trance music and take drugs. ...read more.


The teenage years are not all bad though the only reason teenagers have a negative reputation for drugs and alcohol abuse and the like is because the people who commit crime are the only ones paid attention to by the media. A Persons teen years are about discovery and freedom with the only real responsibility being school work and the need to find out what they want to do with their lives. Whatever the attitude of teen age years good or bad they are only lived through once and when they have gone they will only ever be looked back on with envois memories. A time where people can enjoy there lives before being thrust into the very difficult and serious world of war and politics and being dependant on working for a living and becoming an adult. Adam Knaggs 10B1 "IT'S TOUGH BEING A TEENAGER." ...read more.

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