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Its not my job.

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Title: IT IS NOT MY JOB HYPOTHESIS /AIM My hypothesis states that "The domestic division of labour is still based on gender inequality even when both male and female are in paid employment" Domestic division of labour is the way household and childcare tasks are divided between sexes. The symmetrical family involves the degree of equality with which men and women share domestic work. The role of women in society is constantly changing as this has led to the empowerment and independence of women within the home and society as a whole. But research evidence suggests that little has changed, women are still seen as being accountable for most housework. (102) CONTEXT AND CONCEPT I have chosen to use Elsa Ferri and Kate Smith's (1996) study of Parenting in the 1990s as one of my contexts , this act as a focus for my research. Their data was based upon the National Child Development Survey. They found that it was still very unusual for men to take primary responsibilities for childcare even when the woman was in paid employment and the man is unemployed. It was very common to find the woman taking more responsibilities for routine childcare. ...read more.


(398) RESEARCH METHOD I have chosen to use a questionnaire as my research method. A questionnaire is a list of pre-set questions. The same questions will be given to all my respondents in the same order so that I will be able to get the similar information from every member of my sample group. I will use a random sample which will be a representative of the entire population that is studying. Everyone in my sample will have equal opportunity and the people will be randomly selected from the population. It is going to consist of 50males and 50 females of whom both the males and females are employment. They will be chosen from the Redbridge Electoral Register. The reason I have chosen this sample is to enable me to test my hypothesis and also be able to relate the information I will get to my hypothesis. I am quite aware that there are two types of questionnaire and I have chosen to use the closed questionnaire where options of answers will be give to my sample group to chose from and this will provide me with responses that can easily be classified and quantified. ...read more.


Also the problem of access would be an apparent problem because of my choice of sample group. Taking a sample of people from the Redbridge Electoral Register, it would be hard to get the Electoral Register as this is a confidential document which I think will time for it to be released for the use of my research and also to get my sampling frame with every member in the sample in employment would be difficult. The design of the questionnaire is not easy and could lead to a low response which may call into question the representativeness of my sample. if the questionnaires are not properly designed it may produce leading and ambiguous questions which undermine objectivity and introduce bias as my respondents might be confused about the questions and what answer they should choose. Another problem which I think might affect my research is the problem of my respondents not being honest with their answers which will hinder me from generalising or concluding my research as not everyone one in the sample will agree to fill the questionnaire or the wrong person might fill it and will be impossible to probe or observe the social circumstance in which the questions are answered. (300) Total words (1,204) FAITH OKI OYAREKHUA - 1 - ...read more.

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