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Jack Johnson's song, "Cookie Jar"

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Jack Johnson's song, "Cookie Jar" is a powerful influence to challenge the beliefs and values of western society. The song is all about blaming what you have done on someone else, hence the title Cookie Jar. The title is "Cookie Jar" because of the old saying "Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar, Who me, Yes you, No not me" this means that we are always trying to find someone else to blame, rather than ourselves, we try to find a scapegoat to get us out of the mess that we have created. "Cookie Jar" challenges the beliefs and values of western society because, in the song a young boy kills another young child with a gun and he said that you cant blame him. His dad , the media man, the singer of the song and the maker of the movie, who are all characters who's jobs are their titles, movie maker, etc. all say that they're not to blame as well. The narrative voice in "Cookie Jar" should be embarrassed to turn on the TV, because it truly is embarrassing to see what people in a western society now watch as entertainment and for gossip. ...read more.


TV has a large influence upon children and there shouldn't be shows with guns and violence on at a time when children might be watching TV. The second stanza also makes listeners argue whether or not parents are doing their job by actually being a parent and looking out for their children, this can also be seen as challenging society because the parents these days aren't setting the right example for their children to follow. In this stanza Jack could be challenging TV and also the parents of children. In the third stanza the narrative voice is in first person and the father is saying that you cant blame him for his son being the killer. "But I didn't teach him to pull the trigger of the gun, It's the killer on this TV screen" Here the narrative perspective of the father is saying you can blame the TV, because TV is showing the images that his son has seen. Once again there is another person trying to find a scapegoat to get out of trouble. The trouble here that this song is trying to get a message across that parents these days aren't looking after their children, in the sense that they're not taking any responsibility for them. ...read more.


For the fifth stanza its says "It was you it was me it was every man, We've all got the blood on our hands, We only receive what we demand, And if we want hell then hell is what we'll have." This quote reinforces the fact that high school massacres can be caused by images we are shown on TV, the narrative voice we hear is saying that "We all have the blood on our hands" what this means is people are dying for others entertainment. This is a very important stanza for proving that Jack Johnson wants the listeners to think about themselves. He said that it is everyone's fault for things, we cant keep blaming other people for our misdeeds. We wanted the entertainment and we get it then we cant blame it for things that happen, but we can blame ourselves for wanting this sort of entertainment that can influence people and make them think that certain things are right and allowed to be done, when in fact they are very wrong. So we should be putting the blame on ourselves not a scapegoat, which challenges the beliefs of western society because everyone is right in western society. ...read more.

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