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Kinship has often been at the center of many ethnographic accounts - With reference to specific ethnography, show why this has been the case.

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Kinship has often been at the center of many ethnographic accounts. With reference to specific ethnography, show why this has been the case. (N99H1Mod) Although different cultures define and calculate kinship in various ways, the generally definition of kinship is the relationship among a group of people who usually share the same blood. Kin groups are the social units whose activities can be observed (Cultural Anthropology 8th Edt. by Conrad Phillip Kottak). There are numerous reasons why anthropologists are so interested in kinship, but the main reasons are that first of all kinship is directly related to the economic actions of a society, and secondly it is the most common element responsible for socialization. In this essay, I am going to examine the importance of kinship (the two reasons that mentioned above) in the study of Anthropology by comparing the two cultures: The Dobe Ju/'hoansi, the band of people living in the Kalahari Desert area, and the Chinese immigrants' in San Francisco Bay Area. ...read more.


Besides, the tradition values of the Chinese people do affect the way they work or live a lot. Chinese people believe that they have to bring economic improvement to the family in order to glorify their ancestry. This is one of the motivations for the Chinese people to run their family business well. The two different cultures talked about previously have shown that how people with different backgrounds carrying out economic activities with the help of family or kin relationships. In addition to the economic activities of the people, how people within a group are connected to each other, how they socialize, is also very vital when anthropologists studying about the human beings. This is because family network can be extended to other social levels for example the whole society. A Ju person would be called by kin terms if someone has genealogical connection to his/her "parents" (which also include those names-related parents) and if those people are related to other persons with the same name as he/she. ...read more.


and renqing (sympathy). With the three values, Chinese people feel that they have the responsibility to take care of not only their families, but also people from the same country. That is why that there are always big Chinese communities for example China Towns in which the Chinese people gather, in different parts of the world. As we can see from the above given ethnographies examples, the kinship system are tightly connected with the economic actions of a society and the socialization of the group of people. Both of them are indeed crucial for anthropologists to study about the human beings. On one hand, the Chinese immigrants use their social network which is more base on blood relationship, to make their living. On the other hand, the Ju people live in camps for hunting, the access of resources, with relatives or kinsmen which may not be blood related but instead name-related. From those, we can see that why kinship often being the center of anthropology study. The reasons mentioned in this essay are actually interrelated, interdependent and equally important. Word Count:1005 Heidi Li Block B Anthropology Essay Assignment I---Kinship - 1 - ...read more.

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