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Letter to a Newspaper Editor Concerning the Taliban

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To the Editor, As the Taliban has been driven out of Kabul after the September 11 crisis, life over there has been better, but it is still very poor. After being bombed the Afghan people have been forced to leave there family, friends, home and even society. Who determines what people are worth being in a country like Australia. These people are coming to Australia illegally because they can't afford to get here properly. Back in the 17th century Australia's population was made up of hard core criminals that came here on death traps, what's the difference here. These Afghan people are not criminals or queue jumpers they are just poor people who need a new start and a society that excepts them. ...read more.


As I said before, who determines what kind of people are worth being in a country like Australia, is it the government, the media or even the public. These people need to know that they are Excepted. By all this bad publicity towards them, you'd think they were rapist's roaming the streets. Even though they have done absolutely nothing to deserve the treatment they are getting. The government knew what kind of boats these people were coming to Australia on and they chose the ignore it. There were to many people on these sinking boats and they did nothing about it but leave them to rot. People were being thrown overboard and were jumping overboard. Mr. John Howard knew every single horrible thing that was happening on these death traps but because of the happening election he let it slide. ...read more.


These afghan people can work here, get paid and even pay taxes for our government. In the future it will work out better for both sides. Everyone knows that people from these sort of countries are the best workers you can get. They work for there life. They deserve work and a life. They would probably work better than an Australian worker any day. If these people come to work for our country then it would be great for them and for our economy. So as I conclude to this letter, I say please give these people a chance to live. To live a life that they love, and to live in a society that just simply loves them back. Your sincerely, Ebony Kay. 17/03/02 Ebony Kay Page 1 of 2 5/8/2007 ...read more.

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