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Long term relationship with the people of Britain Asians- The first Asians coming in to Britain were liked because they brought new life to Britain, different ideas from their culture which were interesting to the people of Britain.

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Multicultural society A multicultural society is a society of people from different religions and backgrounds living in an area. These people many be different skin colours or from a different country. Race Race is a group of people with a similar biological background, similar beliefs in their community and in most cases similar skin colour, with additional similar features. They are ethnic groups that are defines on the basis of both physical and cultural characteristics. Comparing the two These two are similar to each other because they live in the same area and have the same reason for living in the area as everyone else that lives there. They all want the same goal and to live in the best way they can. These two are different because they have different beliefs and they have different cultures, they may also speak different languages. Society Society basically means an area of a place where people live, it's a structured community of people bound together by similar traditions, institutions or nationality. ...read more.


Firstly, there new food products which are now extremely popular in Britain, foods like Chinese food, Curries, Pizza, Pasta and sea food dishes. Additionally they have brought over new styles of clothes which have interested British citizens and have made money from selling the clothes. Accessibility within a certain public service in the community I will be looking at the police force and how they have become more accessible in the community they serve. In the past the police force weren't accessible within the community much, they were only accessible to some parts of the community and not all. E.g. the police were only really accessible within the White British community and they weren't really reaching the newer part of the community like the Asians and Eastern Europeans. Over the last few years the police have become more accessible to all the community in several ways. Firstly they have tried there best to recruit different ethnic minorities; they have set aims to recruit a certain amount of different minorities. ...read more.


Additionally, there have been a few problems on the way to achieving their goal, like trying to communicate to the community and basically get on their side. There could still be some improvements made to provide a more user friendly service, firstly they could do more to employ people which can communicate in many languages and can communicate too many cultures, also actually have some knowledge of the culture. The police have made plans to improve things in the future, basically carry on with what there doing but introduce it into more communities, also they have set targets to recruit more ethnic minorities within the police force, which I have talked about above. Overall I think what the police have done has been a success, they have attempted to communicate and understand all sections of the community in many different ways, I feel what they have done has been a success. They have tried to understand the community in some of the following ways: - Employing more Ethnic Minorities - Advertising - Use of different languages - Representatives within the community - Treating everyone equally ...read more.

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