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Management, Personal and Study Skills.

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MST 101 Management, Personal and Study Skills. In this section of my assessment for the Study Skills assignment, I will be producing a report, which will outline the contribution that I made within my group in our presentation on 'Northern Ireland'. The presentation was conducted by a small group from the Business and Management Studies class in Lancaster. The group consisted of five individuals, namely Chris Gallagher, Peter Stephenson, David Long, Arif Patel and myself. The purpose of the presentation was to inform the audience of the main aims and objectives of the assignment, and educate the audience of the main findings of the written report and country analysis. Furthermore, the group believed that it would be beneficial to enlighten the audience of the conclusions and recommendations that we had made which related to the findings. Within the group, I contributed a great deal in the planning and writing up of the assignment. Our group communicated amongst itself both efficiently and effectively. Although we gathered on only the one occasion outside academic hours, this was extremely constructive as we were able to discuss and arrange the nine distinct sections of the presentation. ...read more.


Firstly, I decided to research the various social issues of Northern Ireland, and aimed to expand on a number of these issues. I investigated these certain aspects by using different types of research. The group decided on using OHT's and Microsoft PowerPoint in order to communicate effectively with our audience. Therefore, the research, which I collected on the social issues of Northern Ireland, which was my role in the presentation, was put on both OHT's and Microsoft PowerPoint. My role in the work of the group for the presentation involved introducing the facts of the social issues of Northern Ireland and writing up on one of the four points in the conclusion, which was linked to the social issues. I explained the four main social issues to the class and why these points exist. (See Appendix 1). The remaining sections were completed by the other members my group. We all contributed to reading the conclusion and recommendations' slides in which we alternatively talked through all the points. Firstly, Craig Gallagher talked the class through the first two slides on the aims of Northern Ireland and the economic overview of the country, whereas David Long covered the political stability and the tourism sections. ...read more.


Another thing that I would change in the future is to be more organised and time efficient. This is due to the fact that we had to rush to put the presentation together, as we had all worked on our different sections of the assignment individually on our own. Therefore, when we met up we were required to organise our final piece, prior to the presentation. In addition, I feel that getting to know the members of a group and building a relationship between each other is essential, as it can cause some awkwardness when you do not know all the members. However, I was fortunate, as I knew some of them from my Economics class. Even though I did not know all of the members, we worked well together as a group and did not face any issues, which would have made it difficult for us to work as a team. To conclude this report, I feel that we were very successful in informing and motivating the class on our subject. The reason for this is that the class met the objectives, which we outlined at the beginning of our presentation and the met the criteria set in order to pass this section of the assignment. ?? ?? ?? ?? Shahbaz Ahmed MST 101 Study Skills Assignment Nicky Metcalfe Meer ...read more.

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