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'Men and Women are becoming more equal' Is this a fair description of family life in Britain at the start of the 21st Century.

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'Men and Women are becoming more equal' Is this a fair description of family life in Britain at the start of the 21st Century. It is true to say that often through out time, in various circumstances and situations, individuals have been discriminated based on their gender. We would think that after numerous years of battle for equality, we would have reached the point where the role of men and women at home merged and the different responsibilities shared. Although there is no generally accepted way of measuring inequality between husbands and wives, different researchers have measured it in different ways. However, most find little evidence that inequality in marriage has been significantly reduced. ...read more.


Apparently their sociology same about from a very 'male stream sociology' so a woman who worked outside the house is believed, is still responsible for the home. There is some support for their work where Gershuny, who studied the amount of time spent by couples on domestic labour found that the 'proportion of housework performed by husbands has increased as wives have taken on paid employment'. Combining work and family is an important issue not only because it concerns a great part of the population and because it is one of the key issues of equality. It is also a big problem in the everyday lives of people, because both women and men may have full time jobs. ...read more.


Her enquiry into lesbian households showed that an equitable domestic division of labour can be achieved however it is harder when in a culture that differentiates so clearly between masculinity and femininity stereotypes. Traditional roles that were once adapted to suit the changes from extended families to nuclear have survived into our own century and as much as some of us would like to see the developments of equality, this will be a slow process. Working life sets conditions on people's use of time far beyond the workplace and the working hours. We know that integrating these two parts of life is one of the greatest challenges parents face in their everyday life. The daily schedule of any family with children is probably among the toughest. ...read more.

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