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"Modernsociety makes people lose their sense of responsibility."

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Kathryn Baker Caroline M´┐Żller Essay Writing May, 4th 2002 SS 2002 "Modern society makes people lose their sense of responsibility." Nowadays, it seems normal to hear stories about people who fail to give assistance to a person in danger. Just recently a case was reported in the press about a young girl in Hamburg who was raped on a train in broad daylight. She was taking the train home to a suburb of the city. Other passengers were on the train, now guess what they stated later? They thought the girl was having a quarrel with her boyfriend. That is just one of many more cases that made headlines in the press. However, the only conclusion we can draw from these facts is that modern society makes people lose their sense of responsibility. ...read more.


Today it is a global phenomenon that has revolutionised the way individuals communicate with each other and receive information. It is becoming increasingly modern for people to sit in front of the television instead of doing things together or going back to hobbies and activities which one can share with others. This all ends up in a vicious lack of communication, if the worst comes to the worst in an inescapable loneliness. In the daytime people are working; in the evening we withdraw to our flats, spending the rest of the evening in front of the TV. In this context, the concrete situation at the workplace supports the statement that the people of today no longer feel a sense of responsibility. New technology creates jobs which do not require any sort of face-to-face communication. ...read more.


In other words, they just want to preclude making a fool of themselves. In conclusion, it seems to me that people are no less concerned about others than at any other time. There are numerous cases of people helping others in times of need. However, such cases do not satisfy the demand for sensationalism, which is as much part of human nature as aggression is a constant factor in human behaviour. On a local level one might encounter people who volunteer to take care of the elderly or disabled. But, unfortunately, these people are seldom models because today's people tend to ignore their fellow human beings who are in need of help and to simply look away. On the whole, selfishness and egocentric behaviour are part of human nature as much as generosity and public-spiritedness are part of it. ...read more.

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