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Motorists as pedestrians alike misunderstand the use of crosswalks - Discuss.

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Motorists as pedestrians alike misunderstand the use of crosswalks. Discuss. (by Dick Clarke) A crosswalk, loosely defined, is that portion of a roadway ordinarily included within the prolongation or connection of curb lines and property lines at intersection, or at any portion of a roadway clearly indicated for pedestrian crossing by lines on the road surface or by other markings or signs. Crosswalks play an integral part in the safety of the pedestrian, as well as the driver, as it separates the pedestrians from the cars so that both parties may go along their paths safely, without obstruction from the other party. While there are those without cars, many of these people depend on the use of the crosswalk to move within the society in which they live and the crosswalk should provide a means of safe, clear and efficient pathway, just as the road provides for the driver. However, it is true as well as evident, that both pedestrians as well as drivers misunderstand the purpose and the use of ...read more.


Another common feature is the use of the pavement as parking space for vehicles, obstructing the safe path of pedestrians. There are even instances where the pedestrian has to overtake illegally parked vehicles by using the busy roadways, putting his life in danger, as well as the busy drivers on the road. The drivers of bicycles also abuse the crosswalk, mainly because of a lack of knowledge of the Highway Code. It is the law that people traveling on bicycles should do so along the left hand side of the roadway, as close as possible to the crosswalk so as to not obstruct the pedestrian as well as the driver. When bikers use the crosswalk as their own bikeway, they endanger the safety of the pedestrian. Similarly, there are pedestrians who simply ignore the use of the provided crosswalk and walk on the roadways instead. A pedestrian is allowed to talk on the right hand side of the roadway, opposing the traffic, only if a crosswalk does not exist. ...read more.


As one can see, there are many different ways of educating the many different populations of the society, as communication is relatively large, cheap and efficient. The government, as well as the protective services of the society can use this to their advantage in their fight for safety. Both pedestrians and drivers abuse the use and misunderstand the purpose if crosswalks. By re-educating or educating the general public about the issue at hand, the society will benefit tremendously. Pedestrians will have a safe, clean and healthy path to follow while conducting their normal, everyday lives. Drivers on the other hand will also have a safe path use since pedestrians will use the crosswalk properly and not abuse the crosswalk or the roadway as well. Since both parties benefit, the society will prosper since it is much safer for both parties to inhabit, allowing the people of that society to have productive day as a result of a carefree, safe environment. Hence, everyone wins in the end. ...read more.

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