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My first day

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My first day It is the year 3000. The school I am at is smiggles Junior, I am getting ready to go up to a new school called smog's high school. There's only two days left to go and I am getting nervous. I have all the visits and im going to be the bottom of the school again by the way im zoop zog from the planet zap on the horos band and im here to give you the story of my life, probably boring, but who knows what will happen? Hi, good morning one more day left to go at smiggles but I have to leave. Time for class now cya later. Hi, im back from class now its morning break, I only have four more lessons until I leave im getting even more nervous. The four lessons go by and zoop begins to get even more nervous than he was before he went to his lessons. ...read more.


"Helloooo" the teacher said with a slurring, croaky voice. "I'm Mrs. Bunky" she had to think about it before she said it. "I'm the............ermm...bi...b...b...biology teacher" she said this with a terrible stutter "I'm sorry I have a terrible stutter on my b...b...b...bee words", she scrunched her face up when she said this as though a bee or a wasp had stung her. Zoop then walks on by after talking to the weird looking teacher. He then bumps into someone "watch where you are going stupid" said the young boy in a fierce voice. Zoop starts to look scared, as the boy looks very fierce. He has tall spiked up hair with an earring in the shape of a skull in his left ear and his eyebrow pierced. "I'm Azzo, so remember me next time you decide to push someone over. Zoop carries on walking down the corridor when all of a sudden a strange looking lady drags him into a classroom. ...read more.


shouts even louder zoop start to blush "this is what it says, hi buzz how are you I haven't seen you since we broke up from school, you know our new from tutor I don't like her she hurt my arm when she pulled me and she's to bossy. Why do we have to be quiet so much we never did at junior. Thanks. P.S. I really like suz she's really pretty I might ask her for a date after school sometime." Reads the note. The whole class start to laugh and poke fun at zoop. Zoop and suz both blush. Then the bell for lessons to start rings, zoop leaps out of his chair and runs to his lesson in embarrassment. The lessons soon pass by, it comes to the end of school. Zoop and buzz both walk home together talking about suz "Yo zoop guess what I found out," says buzz excitingly to zoop. "what, what, what" as zoop says this buzz runs off into the distance and shouts "TELL u tomorrow". 1 ...read more.

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