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Nietzsche - The Fatal Seduction of Christianity.

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Matt Anderson Nietzsche The Fatal Seduction of Christianity Why is religion so appealing? Over 84 percent of the world's population practices some type of religion. How can Friedrich Nietzsche believe that religion, Christianity in this case, is "the most fatal and seductive lie that has ever yet existed?" Comparing his view on religion and the readings from the Bible, we can make the distinction that Christianity is a trap for the lower classes. Friedrich Nietzsche looked to the ancient Romans to understand why Christianity took such a strong hold in society. The social structure was stratified into three classes; the nobility, the priests, and at the bottom the commoners or plebeians and slaves. ...read more.


The lower classes were not able to take over the nobility with force so the priests led them to have spiritual resentment. This allowed the common man to believe that "the first (nobles) would be last, and the last (them) would be first at the gates of heaven." Being able to believe that they would have a place in heaven because of the torment that they were subjected to, kept them appeased in their mind. Many of the Psalms in the Bible let the lower classes justify their suffering. Psalm 23: The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want. Even though I walk in the dark valley I fear no evil; for you are at my side With your rod and your staff That give me courage. ...read more.


If they believe these ideas then they can make their life seem like it has a greater purpose. Nietzsche saw that the priests were using the people, gaining power and control over a wide area. As time went on the Christian religion spread throughout the world and the Pope has an incredible amount of power, even to the extent that they have power over the nobility. Christianity, in the eyes of Nietzsche, has corrupted the world. It allowed the majority of the people on the earth to stop trying to move higher in an effort for self-improvement and become weak. Nietzsche's views are understandable one can only wonder how the world would be different without a religious following that believed in humility and suffering. ...read more.

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