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Norms, Values etc

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1) A value is a belief we have about what is important to us, be it right or wrong. Our values Underpin society, and the way in which it develops. 'You shall not kill another person' is a good example of a value. Norms are specific directives which govern our behaviour in certain situations. An example is the exchanging of money for items, or using manners. They are 'normal' to us. A status is our position or standing in society by order of importance. This can relate to our profession. An ascribed status is a status which is assigned by society, which it outside out personal control. ...read more.


These behaviours can be learned from teachers and the media. Primary and secondary socialisation was once learned at different times in life. However in recent years the two are being learned roughly at the same time, with children going to nursery etc at younger ages. 3) Sociologists believe that human behaviour is culturally and not biologically determined due to socialisation. Primary socialisation occurs very early on in life, and we learn behaviours through our family, and in recent years, at nursery. During Primary socialisation we learn things such as toileting behaviours and how to use tools to eat. During Secondary Socialisation we learn through the media, learning behaviours regarding 'perfect' body image and the things people do to achieve this perfect image. ...read more.


This will enable me to see whether either sex welcome education more than the other, and whether their attitudes are a factor in the theory of females being better student than males. The second way I would test this theory would be by Secondary data. I would analyse past GCSE results from a variety of schools, and compare them with each other to see if either sex was the more dominant in achieving at school. The third I will research this is by a questionnaire given to teachers. This will include open questions, relating to the teaching approaches to education as well as how students react to different types of learning like Practical and Theoretical subjects. Word Count: 589 ?? ?? ?? ?? Kelly King Sociology Assignment 1 ...read more.

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