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Old age and social security measures.

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Old Age and Social Security Measures The advancement of new technology, life saving drugs, better knowledge of health and nutrition, and effective treatment of diseases have increased the life expectancy. There has been a significant decline in the mortality and total fertility rate. Also we find significant increase in longevity. All these factors will inevitably result in the increase in the number of senior citizens. The data show that there are about 6% elder citizens in the world. In Nepal 5% of the total population are elders aged above 60 years of age. This is on a constant rise as it is one of the most dramatic, complex and rapidly changing events of the twentieth century in the revolution of longevity, or length of life. The increase in the numbers and proportions of the aging is accompanied by a change in the population's age structure. A declining proportion of children in a population increases the proportion of older persons. The age structure of any country affects in one way or another in the social, economic, political, and religious and many more other areas. Only in the past few decades has the attention of national societies and the world community been drawn to the social, economic, political and scientific questions raised by the phenomenon of aging on a massive scale. Aging is thus a global problem, not confined to any particular community or society. While the problem is global, there is no such thing as a global solution. ...read more.


In China, some elderly people have organized special universities to enroll elderly students. Similarly in Singapore, the Ministry of Community Development organizes an annual Parent Education Programme which helps to strengthen the family and foster respect for parents. The program sought to encourage families to keep their elderly dependents within the family and in the community. The government also provides tax relief to households that are supportive of an elderly parent or grandparent. Various pension schemes are found in developing countries of Asia. In the republic of Korea, the livelihood protection act of 1961 provided a legal basis for aid to people aged 65 as long as they had no sons and no way to support for themselves. In Hong Kong, there are two social security schemes directly related to the needs of the elderly: the public assistance scheme and the special needs allowance scheme. These forms of assistance provide assured income for the elderly and enable them to be better accepted within their families. Likewise, the Delhi Municipal Corporation in India grants old-age pensions to persons belonging to poor families. Senior citizens in some countries are benefited from cheap or free travel on public transport, free medical services, and reduced prices on tickets for theatres and other recreational areas. In Nepal, late King Surendra Bir Bikram Shah had established an old age shelter house (bridhyashram) in the year 1927 B.S. But it turned out to be a place to keep the servants and workers of Rana Family later on. ...read more.


Taking the elderly out of the family and admitting them to a home for the aged is not always a positive and constructive solution. Isolating from their own kin and kith may prove to be an emotional shock for many elderly members. Social welfare policies adopted in some western countries might not necessarily be suitable for the elderly of Nepal. The socio-economic, political, demographic and family structure should be considered before formulating any plans and policies. It will be beneficial to exchange knowledge and experiences with those countries where social and family structures have many similarities to Nepal. Since the older people have wide experience, wisdom and expertise, they should be involved in as may social and cultural activities as possible in order to promote productive ageing. The state has to reinforce the message of the older persons as assets and not merely as dependents. Government should formulate policies to encourage families to take care of older people through provisions such as subsidies in basic services and tax exemption to the families who look after the aged parents. Also there should be social training for younger members of the family to take care of older people in the homely environment as the best solution to overcome old age problem would be to integrate old people within their own families. Building old age homes will be logistic solution only for the isolated and neglected elder citizens. Elderly need love, affection and sentiment from their closest ones. Ramraj Gautam Email:- rrgautam289@hotmail.com 1 ...read more.

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