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Opportune the future Social Issues.

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Bad Habits--Gone Good? Whether your elbows feel offended if they are asked to leave the table, or your fingernails constantly suffer from being the victims of your mouth, bad habits, will always haunt us. It is not easy to totally eliminate or cease continuance of these habits. However, what we need to do to get rid of our habits, is to maintain the ability to weigh the pros and cons of our dreadful practices. More importantly, we need to keep our nation, and our people away from the horrid habit of marijuana usage. It is not necessary to say yes. It is not necessary to encourage legalization. As of today, the nation stands behind three basic ideas of what to do with marijuana; legalize it, make it legal for medicinal purposes only, or keep it as it is, illegal. Through the development of society and the advancement of technology, humankind has constructed many ways to make bad habits appear good. Many argue that the legalization of marijuana will improve our economy, and aid those suffering from diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis and various cancers. This article is designed to cut through the fog of misinformation and manipulation with cold, hard facts. The proposal of legalization has been approached without carefully considering the negative impingement on a person's psyche, one's societal values, the impact on a person's health, and the detrimental effect on one's basic ethics and morals. ...read more.


And why will the government let children grow up in a legal drug-abusing world? Only for selfish and immoral reasons like money. The most potent question to ask is; if marijuana is legalized, is it really worth it to throw all known morals into the trash, and let children be nurtured in a drug filled society? Marijuana promotion is also unethical. If this drug is legalized it will also be promoted, maybe not directly but just the fact of legalization will affect the decisions of millions worldwide. Rules and regulations are what hold civilizations together. When rules are broken there is a certain shaking of the society in consequence of the broken rule. If marijuana is legalized, there will be no more rules to enforce the usage of the drug, thus slowly leading to a deterioration of society. To legalize or not to legalize? That is the question. A question that is running through many peoples' thoughts. The legalization of marijuana is a controversial debate that may never satisfy those in favour of it and against, in the end. Although the final decision is one made by the Ontario Government the impact the new law will have on society is heavily taken into consideration because of the influential role Marijuana has on our modern day society. ...read more.


In essence, marijuana does not need to be legalized for medicinal purposes. There is already an FDA approved drug being administered to those who need it. Legalization for even medicinal purposes will not drastically ease pain. Ironically, the smoking of this drug threatens to increase the health issues of these patients. Marijuana has often been touted as one of the safest recreational substances available. This is perhaps true. Nonetheless, It would be fallacious to conclude that because the chemicals in marijuana have been found to present fewer dangers than some very harmful substances, the medical or recreational use of marijuana is perfectly safe. In fact, it is simply ridiculous. These arguments and presumptions concerning the legalization of marijuana are more fictitious than a fairy tale. In fact, legalizing marijuana will cause a deterioration of one's health rather than restoring it. There is still a great deal of research to be done concerning the effects of marijuana on humans. This is due to the fact that widespread marijuana use has only become prevalent in this country within the last two or three decades. Therefore, the effects of long-term use are just beginning to become apparent. Should Marijuana be legalized? It is evident that many people who support this bill generally try to construct this horrid habit into something good. Psychologically, ethically, socially and medically, studies and debates are continually pointing a thumbs-down sign for the plan of marijuana legalization to be executed. Written By: Abidah, Vaishakhi, Noorin and Zahra. ...read more.

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