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Our Choice

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Our Choice We usually have to face many expectations from others like parents, teachers, and bosses. A few years ago, there was a news story about a student committed suicide at graduation in an university. According to the report, the student did not graduate in the year he should have. His parents flew from Asia to see his graduation. He can not fulfill his parents' expectation, so he jumped off the building above the graduation ceremony. As we see from this case, expectations can be powerful; and even deadly. When we do not know how to manage expectations, we start to be influence by other's expectation on us, instead of believing in ourselves. Expectations are desires that others want us to accomplish in future. Sometimes, the expectations of others are different from the choice we really want to make. Different expectations often lead to conflicts, misunderstanding, stress, and other pressures. In the year of my fifth grade, I wanted to learn to play violin deeply. I tried to ask my parents to buy me a violin. I can still remember the scene when I asked my mother. At first, her face was shocked, and then she laughed at me. My heart was like pealed with a thunder. I was very serious that I wanted to learn violin. ...read more.


The fact was her father did not care if Cisneros was a professor or not because her failure to meet her family's expectation left Cisneros stressed. Cisneros "feels [herself] being erased" (143). when her father introduced Cisneros as a son. Why would a person feel erased? It is not just the feeling of being ignored; it is the feeling of completely gone. She has to face the shame and stress that the family give for the marriage. Her role in the family is just like one of the "son". It shown Cisneros' father feel nothing special for Cisneros as the only daughter. Expectation can cause problems which lead to conflict and stress. Expectation can lower and dispel our motivation to pursue our own choices that lead to satisfaction. Motivation is a power that pushes us to accomplish goals. Motivation comes from our interests, curiousness, and others' expectations. But when other's expectation is different from what we want, sometimes we start to follow others' expectation and forget the motivation that we originally have. I was good on gymnastics when I was young. I was chosen by a national gymnastic coach to go to the school for athletic majors. I liked gymnastics because it was an interest that I was good at. I was proud that my athletic ability was much better than others'. ...read more.


Cisneros' success in English was finally recognized and accepted by her father instead of covered in the shade of getting married. "Of all the wonderful thing that happen to me last year, that was the most wonderful" (144). Over all the financial rewards and the success of getting sold to major New York publishing house, it can't compare with her father liked to read her book. It was the biggest satisfaction that Cisneros wanted the most as she described "the most wonderful". Her success had not only approved from the outside, it also approved from her father and also her family. She reached to the satisfaction that she wanted the most as she believing her own choice. In the society today, it is not easy to keep up and follow the choice we really want. The expectations from others are coming from all the different places. We have to get ready to deal with the different expectation. We need to learn how to manage expectations in order to make the right choice. In the graduation suicide case, the tragedy will prevent if that student tells instead of hiding his education process to his parent. The tragedy will also prevent if that student believes the truth of he could not graduate. There are many people still confuse and fear to make the choice of their own. It's time to learn to manage expectations. It's time to believe our choice instead of others. It's the time to make the right choice. ?? ?? ?? ?? Tang 1 ...read more.

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