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Outline some of the Background to the present role of home care workers within community care policy and explain why this role is important within the policy

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OPTION 1 In what ways is the concept of 'technologies of the self' useful in seeking to understand young people's relationships with their bodies? Introduction In discussing this topic, one first has to explore what is meant by the phrase 'technologies of the self', and then consider how useful this concept is when working with young people. I will also discuss the relationships young people have with their bodies and the purpose this concept plays in understanding these relationships Technologies of the Self 'Technologies of the self' was a phrase coined by Michel Foucault in his book the History of Sexuality (1976). Technologies of the self are a set of techniques and practices employed by individuals and society, which can be deployed to modify or affect the self. Foucault was of the opinion that our bodies were like blank canvases and only through the process of naming and coding or titleing our personalities and components of our bodies, do we then give purpose and meaning to who we are. Foucault believed that we all have power over who and what we are. He believed that power and knowledge were inseparable and that the knowledge we have about ourselves and of others then gives us power over ourselves and of others. (Reader, Pini, p. 160) This then opens up debates about how society sees and names people and how these people are then coded, due to socially constructed images of them. ...read more.


Although I have said that Niall was forming his own identity, it is often the case that young people create an identity for themselves to enable them to 'fit in'. It may be the case that a group of young people dressing in the same clothes, playing the same music, supporting the same football team, do so to be accepted by their peer group, even though to society, they are perceived as different. Whilst working with young people in a residential setting, I have come across many ways in which young people have adopted to create their own identity and shape their personalities. I was key worker for J, a 14 year old girl who by her own admission is sexually active, drinking alcohol and smoking illegal substances. When challenged on this subject, J informed me that it was her body, and she and only she had a say to what happened to it. Although I cannot condone this behaviour, I understand that J sees herself as not a child, but as grown up, and this behaviour to her is seen as 'adult behaviour'. By involving herself in these activities, J is not only bowing to peer pressure and conforming to what her friends think is normal behaviour, J is being labelled by society as yet another troublesome teenager. J really isn't the 'troublesome teenager' that society may label her, but a very unhappy, confused young girl with very little friends, who will do anything to feel, wanted and accepted by her peers. ...read more.


He described history as a series of discourses, which dictated sexually acceptable behaviour to society; for example homosexuals have probably always existed but have only in modern times been labeled and recognised as sexually deviant. The claim was that sex experts created sexual categories as a way of controlling society Though this is slowly changing, but there is still a certain amount of stigma attached to homosexuals. Society remains set in certain norms, and anything outside of this is deemed deviant, such as certain individuals who take homosexuality further by having operations to change their physical attributes to make them appear of the 'opposite' sex. Conclusion In summing up, I feel that the term 'technologies of the self' has some use in understanding young people's relationships with their bodies, but I feel that it is limited. It helps explain how and why young people dress the way they do and adopt certain styles, to be accepted and also to fit in with their peers. But in terms of sexuality, I feel that the arguments are so great, more research has to be made. For example, some people believe that our sexuality is a predestined occurrence, and that some people are born homosexual. To others this is unthinkable, to be anything other than heterosexual is going against religion and is a sinful act. The vast majority of people believe that sexuality is a personal preference, something that people have choice over. Personally I believe in the third view, we all have power over our own destiny and our own future. ...read more.

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