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Prostitution is a word which applies to far more circumstances than its' usual legal definition which is about prohibiting mas

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Prostitution Prostitution is a word which applies to far more circumstances than its' usual legal definition which is about prohibiting massive "whoring". I have a very simple way of defining prostitution: Prostitution is when you do something for money that you wouldn't be doing without being paid. You will find under this definition that there are quite a few whores who are not prostitutes, for they actually love what they do, and would continue to engage in promiscuous sex even without the monetary reward. What would be "shocking" to the average person is to realize that the average person is in fact a prostitute. Most people do the jobs they do only for the money, not because they actually enjoy the work enough to continue doing it even without a monetary reward. However prostitution is also commonly thought to harm the public health and quality of life of many others not directly active it. Different societies have viewed prostitution in widely divergent ways. The three approaches to prostitution I will discuss are the liberal, the classical Marxist, and the radical feminist approach. ...read more.


Prostitution reinforces the capitalist system because men are forced to move to cities, where their wages are not sufficient to support a wife. Whereas in rural areas they had been able to rely on the free domestic and sexual services of their wives, they obliged to pay for these services in urban settings. Prostitutes fulfill a specific role in the capitalist state by limiting discontent. Radical Feminism Radical feminist see the persistence of prostitution as both an indicator and cause of the subordinate state women. "Prostitution is an inherently gendered practice in which women are constructed as the sexual servants of men, and the buying of sexual service is defined as a benefit for men. The sexual characteristics of women have occasioned and justified their subordination to men throughout history, modern prostitution seems to some not just continuous with this ideological oppression, but to be its perfection. Since no rational person would willingly be consumed as a sexual object, it is supposed, the existence of prostitution necessarily depends on the role social inequality plays in ensuring that the socially more powerful have access to sexual objects of their choice. ...read more.


In doing so they present an incomplete view of relationship between men and men and women, as well the intricate relationship between prostitutes and their client. In conclusion, each of these approaches are very different but similar in a certain sense it is important to recognize that the forms that prostitution take and consequently, the condition of prostitutes, would vary widely in different parts of the world, and therefore would require attention to their specific aspects. Although we tend to have this close-mindedness to the situation, we need to see that prostitutes are people also. We need to understand that they deserve the same basic human rights that we do. Just because their profession is controversial does not mean that they should be treated with less respect. Prostitutes, for the most part, do not choose to spend the rest of their lives doing this, nor do they choose that this is what they want to be when they grow up. It is a trap that many women fall into and find it very hard to get out of, once you are in. Katina Smith Topics in Feminist Philosophy 403-01/20 February 21, 2004 ...read more.

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